Monday, 20 June 2016

I'm so bad at this! [Update]

Hello again!

It's been a little while since I last posted on here, it's been mad in the life of Troy the last few months. Which is why I chose to give you a mini-update on what's happening with me :)

First off, the main reason why I haven't been on here is because.... I HAVE A NEW JOB!!!! (Yay me!) I'm finally in a job that is putting my Business Degree to good use. I'm enjoying the team, the positive atmosphere, always being kept busy & we always plan out nights out whether it's just a meal & drinks or a night at the Races! 

As for my social life, I've been going out a helluva lot over the last few months, you can decide whether it's because I am easily swayed by my friends or I just can't pass up a night out these days. Meeting new people always& there's a never a dull moment with my group of friends.

As it's the "first day of summer", I've got plans in motion to make it one to remember - going to many places, visiting cities I've not been before, reuniting with old friends & just enjoying myself with those that enjoy spending time with me :) plans such as; 
- Old Trafford Stadium Tour
- Friends Weddings
- School/ College Reunions
- Harry Potter Studio Tour
- Seeing Panic @ The Disco, Against The Current & Bring Me The Horizon Live!
- Watching a live Wrestling event!
- Seeing England play at Wembley!

This summer is going to be massive!

Now for future content on this blog, I still have all the ideas I had previously & I will make sure that I will post as regularly as I can.
The next post is something I need to get off my chest so stay tuned for that...

Sunday, 3 January 2016

Trying out something new...

Good evening readers, and a Happy New Year!!!

Hope you all enjoyed yourselves in the way you brought in 2016. This, my first blog entry of this new year is a two-parter, including an idea that I thought up with is a year long project & to give you all an idea of what I have planned for this forthcoming year, so I hope you enjoy the read.

"2016 Memory Jar"

If you have been following my blog or whether you know me, you'd know that I've had a rough time of it as of late and it has happened too often over the last couple of years, and it has gotten the best of me at times and made me feel negatively about myself. 

So I decided upon myself to take on a project to highlight all the good things that happen to me throughout 2016 & come New Years of this year, I will open the jar up & look back on all that has happened to me.

As you can see from the picture above, I have included a key of what will be included in this memory jar throughout this year.
Highlighted Pink memories will point out life events that happen to me & days out throughout the year with friends & families.
Highlighted Blue memories will point out compliments that have said about/to me throughout the year by people I have spent time with.
Highlighted Green memories will point out any funny moments that occur throughout the year, whether it be me pulling a derp moment or one of my friends/ family members doing it.
Highlighted Yellow memories will point out my accomplished goals over the year. Whether it be goals I set in the second part of this entry down below; or goals I set on impulse and manage to achieve them.

"2016 Plans"

Okay, now onto my second part of this blog. This is similar to New Years Resolutions but I have decided in this case, to set myself a variety of different goals & objectives to achieve to make this year a significant improvement for me.

My first objective is to lose weight & tone up my body. At the end of last year, I started playing Football again within a team for the first time since Primary School. I'm not exactly the best, but I have always pushed myself to improve my stamina, agility and physical presence on the pitch, I have managed to get compliments from my team mates on my work effort and rare moments on the pitch that stand out. I'm hoping in the new year to continue this role & in the warmer months, play football alot more with friends on the fields close to me. On top of this, me and my friend James have also decided to get into Badminton and play that more often at our local leisure centre once a month to get much more fitter than I currently am. I used to play Badminton at University & have wanted to get back into it for a while so I am thoroughly looking forward to playing that again.

My next objective is to start saving money. I have been in a bad position financially ever since I was made redundant two years ago come March, and I have finally gotten to a place where I am able to budget & save money for something for the future. Whether it be a holiday with the family or with friends, or for moving out into a house. It will always be nice to have that little savings tucked away when needed. From my January pay packet, I'll be putting away £50-£100 a month, so hopefully (If I behave and don't touch my savings) I could have at least £1000 in savings at the end of the year.

My next objective, which has improved over the last year has been to have a regular social life. Having a friends group that enjoys a night out, whether it be just meeting up for drinks at the local pub or going all out going to a nightclub and living it up. My main problem last year, was that I would be too conservative when it came to spending money but I'm switching that worry off and just going to enjoy myself with my friends whether I don't spend any money or spend quite a bit of money. Time to care less, and enjoy my time more.

One key objective that I have set for myself is to get myself a new job. I have been applying for many jobs in the Newmarket area, whether it is Customer Service, Sales or Junior Marketing jobs. I am hoping that very soon, I will be able to find a stable job that I will be able to enjoy & challenge myself.

A very odd goal for myself this year is to grow my beard. For many of you that know me, know that I can't grow hair very well on the top of my head but my beard is easily achievable haha! I was challenged by my friend Kieran to grow out the beard and to see how it looks on me, it has been a month since I have last shaved & its very weird to have let my beard grow for this long so its all a new experience to me. On the plus side, so far I have had many compliments about it that it suits me - I just need to determine whether to let it continue growing or smartly trim it.

One objective definitely this year is to get more ink on my body! I got my first tattoo last year and since then I have began ideas to have two sleeves on me. I am in the process of booking an appointment to get a quote for my next tattoo. I may do a blog entry on my tattoo ideas to get peoples ideas and opinions on what to get done and what they think of my drawings.

My blog is a key objective this year. After taking a long hiatus from my blog, the blog hype has returned and I'm keen on keeping it up for the long term - this being my 60th blog entry. I'm aiming to get 1-2 entries a week and get to the mighty 100 entry milestone this year. As long as people enjoy what I write & I continue to get ideas of what to include to make it interesting for everyone.

My final objective for now is to focus more on myself & care less for those that do not deserve my time and effort. For those that know me well, can back me up when I say - I go out of my way to care for my friends to make sure they are happy and I always make the effort to see them and make sure they are always smiling. This past year has helped me realise who my true friends are & who I can truly trust, and I'm going to spend more time with them who appreciate me, and think more for myself than worry about the opinions of others. As one friend would say, "I need to grow a backbone & be more of a dick". I intend on making this happen if it benefits me.

I hope you enjoyed this loooooooooooong blog post & enjoyed the read. Hopefully will have time to put another entry this week; sadly, I am back at work so I'll have less time to organise one - but here is hoping. Hope you have had a lovely weekend & enjoy the week ahead.


Monday, 28 December 2015

2015: Year in Review

Hello readers!

First of all, just want to say that I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and got all that you wished for & were thoroughly spoilt.
With Christmas now out of the way, New Years will soon be upon us & 2016 will begin. Not going to lie, like any year it's been an up and down year for yours truly but I'm here to dwell on the positives on a very busy for me.
This blog post will include my top 10 moments of the year, along with the 10 movies I have seen that have been released this year & the top 10 songs that have been released this year.

Hope you enjoy!

Top Moments of 2015;

10 - RAFSTA Social
Definitely felt out of my depth with this weekend away. I was invited by an old friend (That will be mentioned later in the post) to a weekend away in Digby on the outskirts of Lincoln for a weekend of drinking & "Geekery" as she liked to put it.
Little did I know that it would be so much more than that. Meeting people I had never met, amongst geeks and nerds far beyond me - safe to say I was out of my depth like I said, & out of my comfort zone.
Got to meet my friends uncle, will never forget that first impression, "Hello I'm Scott & I have a Shotgun..." I'm glad I was wearing black jeans for that introduction!
First night was just getting to know everyone and drink ourselves merry with cheap prices.
Next morning, we attended a meeting discussing all kinds of stuff that I was not aware of, playing a murder mystery game....whilst drinking from about Midday! We then had a barbecue and got ready for the nights festivities which included a Sci-Fi quiz & auction to raise money for a charity of their groups choice. It was a very enjoyable night that ended up with me being very drunk & doing Karaoke until about 3 in the morning.
On the Sunday morning, I headed to the sports club to say goodbyes to everyone, only to find out my friend had stayed up all night drinking - safe to say, they were feeling a little tender.

9 - C2O Night Out
Now this night out was brief in memory because I was THAT drunk.
The plan was to have pre drinks, have a meal at Wildwoods & have a few drinks in town... to be fair it was that, just a lot more drama and alot more drinks.
We started off with Beer Pong in the empty room of where we work, as I don't drink Beer, I decided to bring along JD Honey to feel more involved... BIG MISTAKE.
This is where it all gets very hazy, apparently I made it to Wildwoods and ate, we then went to a local pub on the high street and ended up in Unique.
How I got home I had no idea but from what I hear, I was hilarious to watch drunk & it was a good night all in all..

8 - Cambridge United Matchdays
In the new season, I decided I would attend more football matches at my local team: Cambridge United - I invested in a season ticket to see all 23 home league games at the Abbey Stadium.
Watching League 2 football has been very exciting, not with all of the skills and money makers of the Premier League & top tier football leagues, but the quality of football is there and the atmosphere is phenomenal to be amongst such passionate football fans in an enthralling battle in League 2.
I have gone with my friends Luke & James to games in Cambridge and have experience victory and defeat at the Abbey, but the match day experiences have been amazing to be a part of.

7 - Trip to Felixstowe
The day started out like any other Sunday, the plan was with my friend James and his girlfriend Laura to a Toby's Carvery alongwith a few other friends to experience their sunday roast for the first time.
Afterwards, as it was such a lovely, sunny day - we made a spontaneous decision to head along to Felixstowe beach for the rest of the day to soak up the sunshine.
It started off, slowly walking along the beach enjoying the sights and sounds of the beachfront. Me, James & Laura ended up playing crazy golf which brought alot of laughs and funny moments to our day. 
We treated ourselves to a trip to the amusements, Laura being very organised bought along all her change to put into the machines as she was very much addicted to them, me and James on the other hand wasted our time on the simulator like kids haha!
I sat along the sandy beach as James & Laura walked hand in hand being all soppy and cute together, could not help but crack a smile at them.
Near the end of the day, we treated ourselves to mandatory donuts & sweets at the beach before heading very tired and drained from a long and enjoyable day.

6 - Getting Inked!
After saying it for so long, I finally had my first tattoo done. 
Safe to say, I was very nervous not knowing how the needle would feel and if I could take the pain - but once it started, it was absolutely fine and enjoyed it.

I enjoyed getting it so much, I'm looking forward to the next one to be done. Hopefully something to look forward to in 2016.

5 - All Time Low/ You Me A Six @ The O2

4 - My 26th Birthday
Safe to say, this was one of my more messy weekends in my lifetime. On my birthday, I enjoyed time with friends, watching The Martian at the cinema, and a meal out with close friends which was very lovely and I got very spoilt by my friends which is very rare for me to treated that way.
Now - the Saturday, it started off originally with plans of Foot Golf in Milton with friends, but of course, someone decided to change all that and endanger my liver - dressing me up like a luminous traffic light and having to drink the whole course round. At the start of every hole and of course, a free shot before it all kicked off by the Milton team. Safe to say, with no food inside me - it did not make things any better, 3/4 of the way round - I finally threw up after having a mixture of different shots both nice and naughty, there was even a time I was trolled into kicking the ball when it had been moved and fell down a slight hill.
I was then brought home to a have a strategic nap to recover before the nights festivities. 
Safe to say, I did not recover from there, continuing to have drinks and many more shots into the night - not remembering much apart from little bits here and there, Surprisingly - no hangover though which was a shock to me.
One of my better birthday weekends out, can't thank those who came out and celebrated it with me enough to make it that much fun. 

3 - Imagine Dragons @ The O2

2 - Turkey Holiday
My first holiday in over 6 years. 4 friends, 1 deluxe hotel room, 30 degree heat, all inclusive, drinks, sea - absolute perfection.
Here are a few pictures from that week away;

Amazing holiday, I would be more than happy to go back there again one day.

1 - The Return of the Hobbit...

Sarah Louise Gladwell aka Hobbit, Tink, Nerd Queen, Smug-ette, Baggins, Muggins.
I have seen Sarah once in the past 6 years and that was for lunch for a couple of hours in Cambridge. When I heard the news that one of my oldest friends, one of the very few people in this world that I trust was returning to Newmarket to stay, was music to my ears and I was very excited to see one of my best friends again.
After talking to her over Facebook and Twitter, I realised she was very low in confidence and not been out much socially - losing touch with her friends everywhere, basically not being able to enjoy life as much as she did, so I made a promise to her - that I would do the following;

  • Find her a job.
  • Get her positivity and confidence back up to a high.
  • Give her a social life and make new friends.
  • Movie marathons/ Gaming days.
  • Make her happier than she has ever been.
That and so much more;
First day she came back, I was shaking with excitement to see her.... 3 hours later, she eventually found my flat after getting lost somehow *sigh*, we had a few drinks round an old school friends house, watching Muse at the BBC Radio 1 Big Weekend.
From there, she had her first night out on the town she enjoyed herself and brought a smile to her face that I have never been able to forget since that night.
Week after week, month after month, I could see the improvements in her - she was beginning to believe in herself a lot more and she was a lot happier, the plan was working.
At one time, I believed we could be something more - we spent so much time together and safe to say, I fell for her badly & for the first time in around 5 years - I had fallen in love. At one time, I went over zealous with excitement at the possibility that there might be a slight chance of happiness, that someone would like me just as much as I liked them - but it got the best of me & I ended up heart broken at something that never was, nor ever will happen. There were many days and memories I spent with her that I will never forget, they meant the world to me and still do and always will. In my eyes, she will always be perfect - she will always be my favourite "What If".
Sadly, I am never that lucky and it just wasn't meant to be with Sarah.
As much as it hurt excruciatingly and to be honest, it still does - my mind is still in that stage where, if I was ever going to be happy again - it would be with her, but love cannot be a one way street. I'm glad I have not lost her as a best friend, I will never stop being there for her & I still have a job to do; to make sure she ends up happy with a lucky guy and that she lives the life she has always wanted - with no one to mess it up for her.
Maybe one day, if I'm lucky, she could feel that way or someone will. 
But through it all - it has been the best 5 months of this year to have her back in my life. 

Overall, there's not a bad thing I could ever say to or about Sarah, she's one of the most trustworthy people I know - and I hope she knows that I will never do her wrong & that there is nothing I will not do for her - day, night, early hours of the morning - I will be there for through everything.
If anyone deserves happiness in her life - it's her. 
Here's a few pics of me & Sarah: 

I look forward to what 2016 has in store for Sarah, and for me.

Top 10 Movies;

10 - Max

9 - Furious 7

8 - San Andreas

7 - Ant Man

6 - Paper Towns

5 - Jurassic World

4 - The Martian

3 - Avengers II: Age of Ultron

2 - Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part II

1 - Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Top 10 Songs;

10 - Omi ~ Cheerleader

9 - Charlie Puth Feat. Meghan Trainor ~ Marvin Gaye

8 - Simple Plan! ~ Boom

7 - All Time Low ~ Bottle & A Beat

6 - Rihanna Feat. Paul McCartney & Kanye West - Four Five Seconds

5 - Bring Me The Horizon ~ Throne.

4 - Panic At The Disco ~ Emperors New Clothes

3 - Bruno Mars ~ Uptown Funk

2 - Muse ~ Psycho

1 - Walk The Moon ~ Shut Up & Dance

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, in the next few days I will be getting a new entry out in 2 parts - explaining an idea I have, as well as laying out plans I have in store for the year ahead.

Here is to an alright 2015, and let's hope that 2016 will be even better.

Have a great day,


Monday, 21 December 2015

25 Greatest Video Games I've played.... EVER!!!!

Hello everyone!

Hope everyone is well & is looking forward to Christmas.

For anyone that reads this & knows me, one thing they will know is that I love Video Games - I am a Gamer and proud! I have owned a variety of different consoles, from the Super Nintendo to all of the Playstations. I must have played hundreds of games by myself, with family and friends over the years & I've managed to put together a list of the best 25 games that I have ever played and put them in order of how much I enjoyed them.

Here you go:

25 - Civilization II
24 - Gauntlet
23 - Streets of Rage
22 - Tekken
21 - Minecraft

20 - Super Smash Bros Brawl
19 - Croc: Legend of the Gobbos
18 - Tomb Raider II
17 - Worms Armageddon
16 - Crash Bandicoot

15 - Grand Theft Auto III
14 - Batman: Arkham Asylum
13 - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III
12 - Left 4 Dead 2
11 - Sonic The Hedgehog

10 - Super Mario Bros
9 - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II
8 - Kingdom Hearts II
7 - Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
6 - Crash Bandicoot II: Wrath of Cortex

5 - Kingdom Hearts I
4 - Final Fantasy X
3 - Spyro The Dragon
2 - Pokemon Red
1 - Final Fantasy VII

Let me know what your top video games are for all the gamers out there that will be reading this. Be nice to know what type of games you are all into.

I hope you all enjoyed this post, its very doubtful that I will post now until after Christmas, so I want to wish everyone a happy Christmas and enjoy the time you spend with your families.

Take care,


Tuesday, 15 December 2015

It's Been A While...

Hello beautiful people!

Its been well over a year since I have managed to get back into blogging. For anyone that follows this blog, I apologise for the extreme lack in posts and updates since my entry, but I will be explaining why very shortly.

It has been a very hectic last year and a bit for me with the whole job situation & finally having a social life once my financial debts had been settled, I found myself with a life making new friends and reacquainting myself with old ones too. 
The job situation sadly is still up in the air after my current workplace has just made around 20 redundancies at the start of this month. I personally, do not see this company staying alive by the end of March, if it is I will be very surprised. So I am currently looking for a new challenge with a stable company & always looking to better myself.

Other than that, I've been exploring the country & even gone abroad for the first time since 2009 with a few friends to Turkey back in May which was incredible, I could very happily go back there. I've gone to many gigs and events with friends and family too, with a lot more planned in the new year which I am excited about. I will tell all in a new entry very soon..

What can you expect from my blog entries now?
I will be aiming to add a new entry to my blog at least once or twice a week - I've been writing up a list of different ideas of what to write about in that meantime with hopefully, some help anyone that reads my blog. I'll be doing movie reviews, with my first one being "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" & any gigs that I attend along the way.
I will also be posting various Football topic entries, my Year in review and my plans for 2016, I will finally get down to providing tributes to those that have helped me along the way in my lifetime.
I will also get round to having a few friends that have said they will be happy to carry out some Guest Writing pieces of their own, writing about anything they want, along with a list of various, random topics I have in mind.

I hope that mini update was okay, once again sorry for my hiatus for the last year and a bit. I will look to keep on top of blogging from now on & I hope you will enjoy my content.

Thank you very much, and a new post will be up at the weekend which will be.....

The Top 25 Video Games I have ever played!!

Kind regards,


Sunday, 26 January 2014

2014 Plans...

Hello everyone! I apologise for taking so long to write up some entries, I've been snowed under with lots of things going on in my life that I'm sure I'll discuss at some point but for now, I am catching up on my many draft ideas (I have about 20 to get through!) This particular entry, is a follow up from my recent 2013 review piece - 2014 is a new year and it has already been a lively one for yours truly. This year will be focused on self-improvement, these are my aims for this year:
Moving out
This has been my aim for the last year and a bit now, I have signed up for the council housing list - unfortunately, the council find it fitting to rank me as 'C' behind people who don't actually work, lie about being depressed etc., and have babies for the sake of a place (I know this doesn't apply to everyone, but I know people do this!) - when compared to me, I have a full time job and not mentally unstable ha.
Since I left Uni - I had been looking with friends to move in together and rent privately... but unfortunately they couldn't afford to move out just now. Luckily, as some of you may already know, I have officially got a flat!! It's a studio flat along Weston way that is very nice in which I could live on with my current salary. I'm so excited to move in and decorate it the way I like it, buying things for when I move in.
I want to thank everyone that has congratulated me on FINALLY leaving the family home full of women! Time to move on and finally have some freedom.

Healthy eating & Gym
Okay, I know what some of you may be thinking - the second part of that title will be VEEEEERY unlikely, but once I move out I will be living off very little food which I will aim for to help me lose weight, as for helping lose weight and tone up - I have recently seen a blog post on 'The Blonde Ethos' that I have recently reviewed regarding a workout package called 'I.N.S.A.N.I.T.Y' which I am definitely interested in investing for in the long run, if it helps me build up my confidence and helps me lose some unwanted weight.

2013 was an amazing year gig-wise for me, 2014 will be the same no doubt - I already have planned visits to London, Birmingham and Nottingham for gigs so far. My first gig of 2014 will be March 8th seeing All Time Low, followed 8 days later by FALL OUT BOY!! I have wanted to see them since I first heard their music about 8 years ago. In May, I have a planned trek to see McBusted live (This is what is known as a guilty pleasure!) - so far, nothing planned for the summer but I am hoping to go for the day to a festival I've not been to so either V or Reading/ Leeds, depending on their line ups. Then September, I get to spend 2 days with my two best Uni buddies Stacey and Luke as we are within sweating distance of Lee Evans!! Going to be an epic year!

Last year, I found myself this new hobby - I do love creating, organising and designing scrapbooks of memories. Last year, I created a scrapbook dedicated to my university experience with the friends I made and the memories that were made in them three years. I got such a positive feedback from what I made that I have started two more scrapbooks - one being general mementos from nights out with friends and my childhood, and the second one dedicated to the memory of my Nan who passed away 5 years ago this year. I'm looking for more ideas into making scrapbooks and open to suggestions.

TP Events
Since I have left education and started progressing with a career development, I have put mine and my friends events company to one side until we find our feet outside of University. This year I look to get back onto "Project TP Events", and hopefully lead onto making company live.

Experience new things
This year I am going to try out new things to be more spontaneous. I'm trying new things from food to drink, to days out, activities and potentially hobbies. I look forward to what this year could possibly bring with all of these things to look forward to and I'm sure much more more..

What are your plans for 2014?

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Twenty13: My Year In Review

2013 is over - and now it's time to reflect on whats occurred in my life this past year. I said in my 2012 review last year that 2013 would be a special year - it was that and more! Full of happy memories that I will never forget - made new friends, said a few goodbyes, I feel better as a person and looking onto the future for many reasons. 2014 is already looking like a promising year so lets get started with my top 10 moments of this year.
Top 10 Moments

10. New job
After 6 and a half years of being stuck working in a freezer at Iceland, I was finally given an opportunity at a growing company outsourcing jobs as a Scheduler to our designated engineers for a variety of different companies. Not going to lie, it has been a transitional phase and I have found it difficult to get used to andsettle in with new people and the demands that the job has. But I works with some great people and we have a good laugh. I look forward to this year, to prove to myself and to the team I was the right person for this job.

9.Playstation 4 Arrival
As a true gamer, I have been waiting for this day since Sony announced the new "Next-Gen" console would be released this year. As soon as packaes were available, I placed my deposit - I was so happy to see the huge box on my bed when I got home from work. I absolutely love the PS4! Sony have outdone themselves.
8. Stacey's Hen Do
One day at University,my friend Stacey asked me if I would organise her hen do - I was honoured to do this for her, at first I didn't have a clue what to do but I do enjoy doing research and the surprises I had ins tore for Stace I knew would make her hen do a weekend to remember. Spending the weekend in a shed/ apartment, 80's night at the Waterfront, Spa day, Night out in Norwich. Amazing success and was glad to see one happy hen, drunk and smiling - hopefully she enjoyed her send off into married life.
7. Catch ups with Stacey and Luke
Nearing the end of University, I knew I was running out of time to spend as much time with my two best friends as I possibly could. We all had plans of marriage, full time jobs and moving out of parents houses so whenever we got to spend time with one of another, either the three of us or I got spend a day with them was a pleasure.
Me and Luke always managed to make a day of it whether it was heading to St Neots or doing many things in Cambridge from a day at the leisure park, playing snooker and at Spoons or even gaming.
Me and Stacey enjoyed a day together in Norwich catching up talking about Uni, Wedding and other random stuff, we tried out different drinks like Hooch and Mount Gay Eclipse Rum with Cranberry juice which tasted amazing! I'll never forget them days, and although we are scattered, I know we'll find time to still see one another.
6. Summer Ball 2013
 I always said, I would only go to the Summer Ball in my last year and I was looking forward to. Most people were upset that it was being held at Uni instead of somewhere to different to celebrate the end of University - but luckily enough, it didn't disappoint. Fair ground rides, professional photographer, great music, gambling - seeing my friends all glammed up and looking breathtaking. Perfect send off at the end of Uni.

5. New Years
The last few years, I have been bringing in the new year with close friends, alcohol and having party! That tradition continued this year.
The original plan was to go camping, however it was WAAAAAAY too cold for that, so we stayed in round my friend Nick's house and we got some alcohol, snacks, fireworks and set up New Years playlists on our iPods and partied into the night.
Fireworks were amazing, apart from one moment when one firework decided not to go off until the last second, thinking it was going to come down by us again (Think of the "Arrow Roulette" scene from Grown Ups - that pretty much sums up how it went, without someone getting hurt). Once again, an amazing night, bringing 2014 with a BANG!
4. Gigs
I had an amazing year when it come to seeing bands across the country.
Started off the year, in pure baltic conditions seeing Asking Alexandria live at the O2 Academy in Brixton, I then got to see with 4 days of one another - FUN and We Are The In Crowd (I got to meet WATIC and have Pizza with them! - Tay is even more beautiful in person!!) In May, I was invited to see Muse with support acts Bastille and Dizzee Rascal - Up until that point, I had only heard of one Muse song so after this, I got into their music. Later in the year, I capped my year of gigs off with a return to the O2 Academy to see Imagine Dragons live. 
3. Stacey & Cassy's Wedding
Everything was perfect one hot summers day in August and for good reason - August 31st was the day my friend Stacey and her fiancee Cassy got married.
On the outskirts of Norwich was a lovely refurbished farm into a vintage church which was the perfect set up for the lovely couple's wedding, in the ceremony as we awaited the brides, the singer played a lovely song as the bridesmaids and flower girls came down - then Stacey came down with mum in hand, she looked breathtaking in her dress and was then followed in by Cassy who looked amazing in her dress too. Everyone could not stop smiling from ear-to-ear for the happy couple.
After the ceremony, they released doves in honour of Stacey's dad who could be at the ceremony as well as showing a symbol of their love. The reception was a lot of fun, everyone bonding and having a laugh with the speeches, Stacey and Cassy played Mrs & Mrs and enjoyed heartfelt speeches from everyone. The lovely newly-weds shared a first dance and their gustes partied and danced into the early hours of the morning.
The perfect day - for the perfect couple. I will never forget that day, so happy for the both of them.

2. Final year at Anglia Ruskin
All of the exams, all of the revision, all of the stress, the anguish, the FIFA... wait what?! I didn't mean that haha - It all boiled down to the final 6 months of University - with final assignments looming, the final exam and on top of that, a soul-destroying dissertation - the deck was stacked against us all in the final year. Despite all of that, I loved every single moment of it, every night out, meet up with friends to help one another with the assignments - we all worked together as one like true friends do and we passed the finish line with amazing results.
I cannot thank all of the friends that I have made over the past three years enough for what they have done for me, which made my number one choice that much more special...
1. Graduation 2013
 A huge chapter in my officially ended on October 3rd of this year, as I graduated with a lower second class honours degree from Anglia Ruskin, sharing the stage at the Cambridge Corn Exchange with the friends I have made over the past three years was a true honour as they have helped me become a better person and have brought so many memories that I will never forget.
Despite the weather not being so great, it could not dampen the nervousness of walking across the stage to be congratulated by the vice chancellor of the University without thinking you may, at some point, fall over. Getting the gowns and buying merchandise somehow seemed to add to the nerves and couldn't eat much for the day. Seeing all my friends int heir gowns with happy families around them made mes o proud of them.
A chapter of my life is over - my time in education has come to an end, had some bad times and more importantly, had plenty more good times - meeting amazing people and learning so many lessons along the way.

Top 10 Movies

10. Grown Ups 2

9. This Is The End

8. Wreck-It Ralph

7. Carrie

6. Star Trek: Into Darkness

5. The Lone Ranger

4. Despicable Me 2

3. The World's End

2. Gravity

1. Iron Man 3

Top 10 Songs

10. Lawson - Juliet

9. Avril Lavigne - Here's To Never Growing Up

8. Owl City - When Can I See You Again

7. Imagine Dragons - Radioactive

6. Katy Perry - Roar

5. Fall Out Boy - Young Volcanoes

4. Robin Thicke - Blurred Lines

3. Muse - Panic Station

2. We Are The In Crowd - The Best thing (That Never Happened To You)

1. The 1975 - Chocolate

What is expected n 2014

Moving out

New experiences

TP Events

Turning 25...

Gigs (Fall Out Boy, McBusted, All Time Low, Lee Evans)