Monday, 26 November 2012

Revisiting College

Been a while since I've put up a post so I apologise in advance, I'm sure i'll cover it in my next blog pst to keep you updated. But for this post, it's a happy reminisce on the past. 4 years ago, I was at a bit of a crossroads in my life - after failing my a-levels and not knowing what to do with my life - I was offered an alternative to get into University and it led me to a new chapter in my life - West Suffolk College. I went past the college the other night which gave me the idea for this post, made me look through all the old conversations on Bebo, MSN & Facebook and photos of happy times. In this post I will be pointing out certain memories that stand out for me from the amazing 2 years I spent at College.

At first, I was quiet and shy as I didn't know anyone at all during the induction day until 2 guys were nice enough to come talk to me. Sean I spent the first couple of days and had such a laugh talking about music and what we've done in the past and what we hope to achieve, always nice to see aspiring people knowing what they want to do in life :) he split into his marketing course and he quit after the first few months as far as I can remember, but then came along Mr Marcus Searle - what an interesting character he has turned out to be over the 2 years at college, we were a team at Colchester Zoo, although we paid more attention to being pains in the arses and starting the trend of 'man points' ha!
The next thing i remember is the BT Challenge we all had to take, forgivce me if I forgot anyone but I remember the team as; Chantelle, Harriet, Me, Emma & Marcus. One of the very few times I've had to be smartly dressed, some of the tasks we all had to do were rather silly.

One thing that always stood out for me was the MSN conversations I had with my college mates, with 2 people in particular - Georgie and Emma. I still have saved documents on my computer from the conversations we had, chatting away for hours on end about loads of random stuff, so many laughs too. Although, I never use MSN no more, I still look over them chats with anyone and always makes me smile how we all used to be so close and chatting about anything and everything :)

Looking back on facebook wall posts from some of you, I soon realised what my role in the college group was - the assignment guru. I can't even begin to count how many times asked about shitty Linda's assignments, Avril's difficult tasks, and the foreign woman we had who we could never understand (can't remember her name for the life of me!) residential visit when there wasn't a trip for it for a while! I did laugh, but it was nice to feel that I belonged in the group. May sound stupid to you all, but made me feel wanted and sort of special (in a fucked up way i know lol!)

There were some very random hilarious moments at times in College, one that stood out the most because everyone had a hand in pointing out and embarrassing her - MISS BETH DUCHESNE getting drunk in the forest area of the college drinking apple sours (Oh you hardnut :p) Ah the fun times, skipping work and being risk takers, James was the worst for teasing the girls. There was also the one time when we all went to Abbey Gardens, and Georgie was being chased by some ducks! It's funny I have such a bad memory, yet I can remember memories like this - But I'm glad :)

One day that also stands out to me  is that I turned 20 on a day we had a trip to Spymasters on the outskirts of Cambridge, Charlie, Georgie, Beth and Hannah got me a card and took a birthday cake to the site to celebrate, was very embarrassed when everyone sang 'Happy Birthday' to me, on top of that - the team I was but I can't be any more thankful for making my birthday special - one of the best birthdays I've ever had :)

The one and only time I went out in Bury St Edmunds was Christmas 2009 - even though didn't spend that much time out in Brazillia but it was nice to go out with college mates. Had a good laugh pre-drinks at James' old place with Georgie, Liss and Beth. Don't think I ever got to say thank you to James for putting up for me for the night so JAMES, if you read this - 'Belated Thank You :)' Even though we had a short night out in Brazillia's I enjoyed spending time with such great people.

Second year of College was quite stressful with planning a business event, doing assignments, doing UCAS for university applications etc., but it always nice to get away - even if it was just an overnight stay at Thorpe Park. Shame about the weather, but the day in general was great, got some good pictures of  friends. The after-park party was good getting alcohol and having a laugh.

The Fashion Show was the pinnacle moment of my time at College - it was an amazing experience to organise and help run a business event with such great people. We did have some stressful times on the day planning everything and decorating the venue and with a few mishaps witht he hair/ make up people back at college as well as a model turning up drunk so I stepped in, amazingly a huge success with a sell out crowd for the event and everything went off without a problem :)

There's a few personal messages I want to say to a few people who I was close to at my time at College, In particular:
James - Hard to describe what an interesting person you are James, such a laugh to be around - you were an amazing friend and was always helpful when I needed to talk to someone and gave an honest truth answer. Pleasure knowing you :)
Georgie - You were probably my best friend at College, msn conversations and such fun conversations, always enjoyed being around you and helping you with anything and you were always a helpful friend and I hope I was the same to you. Hope to get a catch up with you soon.
Charlie - You are quite possibly the happiest person I've met in my entire life, never seen someone so smiley and never down about anything - you were a joy to be around and talk to, spending time with you catching up at the Olympics was amazing and I can't wait for the next time to see you and catch up.
Marcus - You were my first proper friend at College, you are such a laugh and was always a good friend and would never fail to make any of us laugh.
Emma - I didn't get to know well enough until the second year, but I'm glad me and you are such close friends now and I look forward to everytime we catch up and spend time together :)
Beth - a.k.a the innocent one of the group, such a pleasure to be around and have a laugh, whether it was at you or with you (getting drunk in the forest and the fashion show planning with you and Lillie) will always be my highlights of you.

Overall, just want to thank everyone from College that made them 2 years so special and made me glad to take a chance and be such amazing friends - I will never forget the memories and the time we had together and I hope to still keep in touch with you all in the future :)
Guys: James, Ingy, Jack, Dan, Marcus, Sam, DOLMAN, Jordan, Jake, GUS.

Girls: Georgie, Emma, Charlie, Beth, Hannah, Becca, Gemma, Chantelle, Jade.

So happy I met such amazing people that helped turn my life around :) So happy to still be in contact with some of them! I'll never forget the memories and friends I've made at College and I hope to see you all at some point in the future.

Take care everyone,

Laters x