Monday, 5 November 2012

University Memories

Finally into the swing of things in my third and final year at Anglia Ruskin University - time is almost up on my university experience. There's been a lot of highs and a few lows in my two and a bit years so far, but the memories and friends that I have made in that time have made my life worth living and I'll cherish them moments 'til the day I die. With people talking about Graduation, what they plan on doing after Uni, and with everyone going back to where they live spread across the UK and beyond, I've decided I want to do something special for the uni friends that I have shared the best memories with by creating a .... University Memory Scrapbook!

I've been thinking about it for a while and I've spent the last couple of weeks planning it out what I'm going to have where, what I'm going to write about and LOOOAAADDSSS of photos! (I've already printed out over 200 pictures!), and because I haven't had much of a social experience as Uni student I've been borrowing pictures from my friends' facebook photos. Unfortunately, it won't let me upload a picture of the scrapbook I'll be using but you can see it on my Twitter and on my Facebook 'Mobile Uploads'. My friend Chelsea is going to help me make it look very snazzy as she is a very good Art student at a local Cambridge college and I want it to look amazing to show everyone when I'm done.

My current lay out is this;
  • Introduction
  • Year 1 (Pictures from 1st year, writing specific memories of my freshers year)
  • Year 2 (Pictures from 2nd year, writing specific memories of my second year)
  • Year 3 (Picures from 3rd year, writing specific memories of final year)
  • 'Friends' section - Each person with pictures of that person and a bit of writing about you.
  • 'Autograph' section where I want all of my university friends to leave a message.
  • Final speech
  • Ending page - group picture of us future Graduates :)
I know some of the writing will be boring to some of my uni mates and will look more at pictures but it's one way in which I can get across how much of a difference each and everyone of my uni friends has had on my life since day 1 of University. If any of my uni friends are reading this, I hope you like my idea and I make sure to show everyone the near finished product by the end of semester 2.

I will keep everyone updated with how my progress is going with it, but for now - so long and farewell :)