Saturday, 29 December 2012

PL Team Of The Season (So Far...)

This blog post is for all football fans! We have reached the half way point in what has been an exciting so far with shock upsets, demolitions, controversy, powerful signings and sadly racism and violence from fans. Money & hooligans has tarnished such an awesome sport - thinking back to the 90's when there was rarely an incident.
Anyway I digress, this blog post is to show you what I believe to be is the Premier League Team Of The Season so far. I know there will be differences in opinions about this, be sure to leave your opinions in a comment :)

GK: Tim Howard ~ To me, he has been the most consistent goalkeeper so far this season. He has been a significant factor towards Everton being a high-placed team and looking a very difficult team to defeat.
(If I'm being entirely honest, I've been impressed at all by the goalkeepers this season, well known keepers like De Gea, Cech, Hart & Sczechny have been horridly inconsistent this year with mistakes, a weak defence is ONE reason for this but it shows how difficult the Premier League is getting)

LB: Leighton Baines ~ Another helping hand towards Everton's strength this season. He can score - dangerous assists - overall consistency. Probably the best Left Back in the premier league right now.

CB: Gary Cahill ~ Looking to be the replacement for John Terry (Hopefully doesn't inherit certain traits) he has shown promise this season in the Centre-Back position scoring goals with both foot and head and defending consistantly well.

CB: Martin Olssen ~ Has been overalll great form this season and has helped his team through some tough tests both home and away this season. He has been a rock at the back for his club.

RB: Pablo Zabaleta ~ Couldn't have a back four without a City player in it I guess. The one that has stood to me is Zabaleta, his goals from distance and in key games have really helped City this season as they have struggled with their front line decisions. His sweeping crosses have been very dangerous for teams to deal with and is a gem at the back for any team.

LM: Theo Walcott ~ At the start of the season, I would have chosen Santi Cazorla but as the season has progressed, Walcott has been consistantly scoring goals and after the drubbing of Newcastle. He has shown to his boss and other teams that whatever position he plays in, he can score and be the danger man for any team with his sublime pace.

CM: Marouanne Fellaini ~ From his sensational performance against Manchester United in the season opener, Fellaini has not looked back and has continued to be Everton's dangerman in the midfield. Plenty of teams are interested in signing him either in January or in the summer but David Moyes will look to keep him at Goodison Park long term.

CM: Juan Mata ~ He has easily been Chelsea's best player by a country mile. He scores goals cosnistantly, the partnership between him, Hazard and Oscar is very threatening and he is constantly showing his talents, one of very few Chelsea players that I respect for his workload.

RM: Eden Hazard ~ First 3 matches - 3 Assists - 1 Goal - 3 MOTM's - A premier league record that won't be matched for a long time in my opinion, although his form has dipped a bit, he has still shown amazing work rate and awesome skill and creativity to help Chelsea be a title contender again.

ST: Michu ~ What more can you say about the guy? 30 goals in just under 60 games for his previous club and Swansea and that is just in the last season and a half! An amazing buy at £2.1 million & current top scorer in the permier leagie ahead of the likes of the Man Utd, Man City & Chelsea talented frontlines.

ST: Robin Van Persie ~ As a Man Ut fan, I was worried about this gamble purchase but it has paid off in dividends for the Red Devils with some awesome performances and cracking goals to help United into a solid lead in the title race. His goals against the likes of City, Chelsea & Arsenal have defintiely helped and he is very respectful to other players - his relationship with connected players in the team have been a key factor.

GK: The only decent alternative would be Swansea's stand-in Goalkeeper Tremmel who has been a contributing factor to how well Swansea have played so far this season, he's had some big shoes to fill with Vorm out with an injury, and the team have proved to be a problem to the 'top teams'.

DEF: Angel Rangel ~ An adventurous defender who likes to help up front and is solid at the back. Can easily slip into a top team if given the chance.

MID: Oscar ~ Sublime skills with his fellow midfield team mates Mata and Hazard and has scored some sensational goals both in the premier league and in the Champions League (Especially v. Juventus)

STR: Edin Dzeko ~ 2 words - Super Sub.

Feel free to input your own version of 'Team of the season (so far)'.

Don't forget to share this link with your friends. Hope you enjoyed my new blog post, hope you all had an amazing holiday season - bring on New Years!

Laters x

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

DaGnAbBiT rAbBiT

Hello readers and fellow bloggers!
This is my last blog post before the Christmas period so I'm going to make it count by giving you all an update in what's been happening in the life of Troy as of late. I hope not to bore you!

Uni ~ Well first semester of my final year at Anglia Ruskin is over. All assignments handed in, it has no doubt been the most stressful semester in my time at Uni by far! So much on the line in this final year with the need to bulk up my overall grade on top of organising the almighty dissertation for next semester on top of trying to sort out my future with the possibility of graduate schemes etc.,
One in particular has been somewhat stressful was the Marketing Consultancy project - our goal was to help create a sustainability badge for around the ARU campus, it wasn't that the module was that difficult I was a member of a great team who put in the effort and were very organised....except 1 person, who has proved to be a royal pain in everyone's arse doing work on countries that were completely irrelevant to the task as it was about the UNIVERSITY, he avoided the group when we did work and messed about with his iPhone ¬.¬, luckily he didn't affect our grade and managed to get a First (70%) in the presentation :)
Now, there is the long and worrying wait for the results and figure out where to go from there as I embark on my final semester at University.

Work ~ Working in a supermarket at Christmas time is such a stressful time; with rude customers to bulky storage areas and having no room to move can lead to a lot of stress within the work place, there have been some bitchiness as there always is in a workplace, I just choose to ignore it. With less than a week to go until the christmas period is over, I cannot bloody wait! Hopefully, my LAST christmas at Iceland *Fingers Crossed*

Family ~ Family is doing well, Olivia (My youngest of 3 sisters - 14 months old) has now started confidently walking and sometimes she still needs a finger to hold onto but its funny how quick my sisters are growing up. Have the oldest of 3 sisters (17) back for Christmas which means I have a partner in crime ;) This christmas is gonna be a good one I can tell!

Job Interview ~ Well I had my interview for Play.con last week. Somehow got to the last stage without any management experience, to say I was nervous would be an understatement - but somehow got into the final 5 where I had to write a speech about an innovative way in which to help the internet company, for this my mind went blank and the only thing I could think of was recyclable products to show a 'green appeal' but unfortunately, they didn't see it to be a good enough idea and I wasn't successful in getting that dream job. I won't let it get me down - its great experience and motivation for me to go so far.

Friends ~ This year has been a year of friend reconciliation, reuniting with old school and college friends, making new friends & losing friends who weren't worth my time. Lately, I have been meeting up with Chelsea we have been having a laugh and having playfights, she has ben helping with the organising and arty side of my university scrapbook and we been playing 'Honesty Hour' quite a bit which is funny cos it's always so rude with us :P I enjoy spending time with Chelsea as there is never a dull moment.
When it comes to college reunions, I have been seeing alot of my friend Emma who is always a pleasure to spend time with, we have always been able to open up to one another and make each other smile when we don't want to, we have a good time whether it's having a drink at Spoons or going to the cinema - I always look forward to what comes next as she joins Anglia Ruskin in January for a part-time course something to do with eyes and glasses lol.

Scrapbook ~ Over the last couple of days, the scrapbook has really taken flight and is getting closer to the end. All the writing, the pictures up to Year 3 have been printed (over 200 pictures!!) and the first 5 pages have been completed thanks to the awesomely arty friend of mine Chelsea :) I can't wait to see what the finsihed product will look like and to show my uni friends, I just hope they'll like it.

Christmas Presents ~ One thing I like most about christmas - is seeing my friends and families faces when they open the presents I get them :) I've already handed out a few christmas presents to my uni friends and a couple of my close friends. On Sunday, I'm spending it with 4 of my closest friends and sharing a Frankie & Benny's and going Bowling while opening presents, they already know one of each ot their presents is a connected theme :p Oh I cannot wait to see their faces!

Budgeting ~ After only just scraping through this year with less money than before (Dam Economy!) I've decided I'm going to be on a strict budget, I only have to be in Uni twice a week which is less than £9 to get in each week, hopefully I can work a 5 day week to boost finances because as usual, I plan so much to do over the year with gigs, music festival, a wedding, uni events and birthdays lol.

Christmas ~  After finishing semester 1 at Uni last week, I am off for Christmas untilt he 28th January. Although, I don't consider it a break as all of us uni peeps have to do work on our dissertations, and I'll be working on my scrapbook. Going to be a long and tiring christmas break!

Well, as I said at the start of this blog post - this will be the last one I do before Christmas. So I would like to wish all my readers and fellow bloggers a happy Christmas and a great New Years! (Let the alcohol flow, grow christmas bellies & party well into the night!)

Laters peeps


Friday, 14 December 2012

My 'Bucket List'

Hey 'up peeps!
If you have recently visited my blog, you would have seen my 'Future Holidays' & 'Firsts List' blog ~ these 2 are entioned in my 2nd and final list at this time - 'The Bucket List'. I think everyone at some point has, or will design one of these and do their best to complete it. Here is mine;

  • Attend a midnight showing at a cinema - can include fancy dress!
  • Get a tattoo
  • Learn to swim
  • Visit Cadbury Land
  • Visit Alton Towers
  • Rescue a dog from an animal shelter
  • Work with animals for a day - Zoo? Safari?
  • Climb a mountain
  • Learn to dance (Salsa, Tango, Waltz)
  • Volunteer abroad
  • Learn a strategy game - Warmachine? Magic? (No doubt Luke will help with this!)
  • Take part in extreme sports - Sky dive? Bungee jump?
  • Fly in a Hot-Air Balloon
  • Experience a sunset/ sunrise on holiday
  • Throw a house party!
  • Go on a blind date
  • Go to Harry Potter Land (Florida)
  • Photoshoot with friends or girlfriend
  • Spa Day with girlfriend
  • Visit Singapore
  • Swim with Dolphins
  • Attend a Formula 1 Grand Prix Weekend
  • Go to Comic-Con
  • Appear on TV
  • Go to each of my 'Future Holidays' spots
  • Go on nights out in London, Nottingham, Leicester, Sheffield.
  • Run the London Marathon
  • Visit Monte Carlo
P.s if you could help make suggestions of anything else that I may not have thought of, that would be much appreciated :) 

Leave a comment on here, or message me on Twitter or Facebook! :)

My 'Firsts' List

Hello  readers and fellow bloggers!
This new blog post is one of two 'Lists' posts that I will be putting up today. This one is a 'Firsts List' this basically means, these are things that I haven't done before, but want to do. If you can think of any other ideas of a 'First' comment on here or if you have me on facebook or twitter, message me :)

  • Kiss under mistletoe
  • Kiss in the rain
  • Go on holiday with friends
  • Go on holiday with girlfriend
  • See a Manchester United game (At Old Trafford!)
  • See England play at Wembley
  • Propose to someone
  • Be sent/ send an anonymous Valentines
  • Buy a Puppy (This will be achieved once I move out! Husky or German Shephard)
  • All night movie marathon (Avengers, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Rocky)
  • 'Come Dine With Me' with friends

Thursday, 13 December 2012

My Dream Holidays

Hello peeps, with assignments almost ou of the way I will be going blog post CRAZY in the time I have off until January 28th (BOOYEAH!) so hopefully some of you will keep tracking back to see what I am blogging about. This new post will be what are my dream holiday locations. This will be included in a future 'Bucket' list which will b uploaded very soon too. Everyone has ideas of where they would love to go in the world, whether its to travel, on holiday with people you love or by yourself. But here are the 10 holiday locations I would love to go to in the future and the reasons behind why I want to go to them;
(By the way, these are not in order of where I would most want to go, it's just what I brainstormed and the first ones to pop up out of my head!)

1. Centre Parcs (Weekend)
Now I know this isn' really classed as a holiday, but weekend breaks are special in their own right as it's a time to make the most of things and make the memories that you will cherish. I've wanted to experience Center Parcs since a few of my friends this year have visited for the weekend and it sounded like they had an amazing time. The nearest Center Parcs to me is Elveden Forest and
they have amazing facilties and the 'cabins' where I'd be staying look really nice and for the price you get, yeah it's a little on the expensive side, but it's worth it with all the sports, recreational activities on top of swimming and spa experiences. I would love to arrange a break with my friends at some point for a weekend away like this, just to get out of Newmarket would be awfully great right now.
2. London (Weekend)
I have done a weekend away in London before and it was a great time and I won' forget the good memories I had (Avenue Q, Ice Bar, Madame Tussauds, 2 hour stroll around London, largest toy department store in the world) but there are other things that I didn't get the chance to experience that I would like to. I want to see more West End shows, in particular;
  • 'Rock of Ages'
  • 'We Will Rock You'
  • 'Thriller'
  • 'Shrek'
I'd also like to dine at Planet Hollywood, my uni friend went there before she proposed to her now fiance and it looks amazing to experience. I have already experienced the London Eye but to experience it with a girlfriend would be something to special :) London Dungeons would be an amazing spectacle to see! Ever since my friend told me all about it, it's interested me in going to see it. The London zoo would be awesome to see, I've been to two zoos in my lifetime and I doubt any of them compare to the London zoo, and finally, I would like to be able to see the Olympic park, I never got the chance to go to the actual Olympic venue so it would be nice to see it before it's ruined by putting WEST HAM UNITED in charge of that amazing stadium.

3. Paris (Weekend)
This is a typical choice, especially when you're in a relationship as everyone has to experience Paris at some point in their lives to see all the amazing sights and soak up the french culture ~ eating croissants, drinking wine, even to try on a beret (may even grow a moustache to fit in haha!) The main sights I would like to see in Paris would be of course, to spend a day at Disneyland Paris - I would spoil my little sisters senseless with Disney toys and possibly the odd Eeyore merchandise for me mother :) I would like to go to the louvre as I remember that one scene on top of the Louvre from...I think it was either 'Da Vinci Code' or 'Angels & Demons'. I willw ant to see the obvious sights: The Champs Elysses & The Eiffel Tower.

4. Rome (Weekend)
Rome, and Italy in particular, is always a place I've wanted to visit to experience the culture and see the sights such as the leaning tower of Pisa, the Coliseum, go punting in Venice :) have an italian shopping experience too. Would be nice for a romantic adventure.

5. Lads/ Friends Holiday (7/10 Days)
This is the one thing that has eluded me in my life. I've been invited to 2 but because I had college commitments I couldn't go on holiday at such a important time. So I hope to organise either a lads holiday or a friends holiday :)
Malia, Ayia Napa, Kavos, Zante ~ these are the main locations I would consider going to.
Somewhere where we can drink and party to the early hours of the morning, wacky fancy dress ideas, beach time! Be awesome to experience it! Need a holiday like this BADLY!!

6. Mexico (10 Days)
Never really considered a holiday here before I started seeing pictures on my facebook and twitter from some uni friends who have planned to go to Cancun next year. Some of the pictures look amazing!! Would love to go there for the sub-tropical weather and to buy a genuine sombrero xP

7.  Hawaii (10 Days)
Hawaii must be one of the most commonly chosen locations to go on a holiday in the future for most people as it looks like an amazing place to go. Sun, Sea, Sand! One to save up for definitely!

8. Egypt (2 Weeks)
Egypt has recently become such an intriguing place for me to want to go on holiday, not just to see the Pyramids, the sphinx etc., but seeing how HOT it is there and how affordable it is to stay for 2 weeks in a sheikh luxury hotel! This is one I will defintiely go on hopefully with someone :)

9. Florida (2 Weeks)
This is a holiday that me and my family are planning to go in the next 5 years of so. Taking the little ones to Disneyworld in particular and for all of them to enjoy America. We discussed spending a week up in Delaware to see our American family and then travel down to Florida to spend a week in the resort. The one place I want to go is Harry Potter Land (YES! I am a true Potterhead!) Anytime I get to visit America, I intend to make the most of it xD

10. Las Vegas, LA & San Francisco (2 Weeks)
My old friend Jo recently got married and I was so jealous hearing of their amazing honeymoon - going on a 2 week trek of San Francisco, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. This is THE ultimate holiday that I would love to go on.
  • Golden Gate Bridge
  • Hollywood Sign
  • Madame Tussauds (Las Vegas)
  • Gamble in Las Vegas casinos
  • See the 'Walk of Fame' & drive by Celebs houses!
  • Visit TV sets of my favourite shows
This particular holiday I would love to save for a future honeymoon :) I know it's a long way off right now (As I need a girlfriend first!) But it's nice to think of where I would like to go as a possible honeymoon location.

Thursday, 6 December 2012

The Future...Indecisive

University... Final year... My only thought of being stressed were doing my dissertation... oh how wrong was i? I haven't been this stressed in my whole 2 and a bit years of being aI Anglia Ruskin. So many things to do, so little time to actually do it all! If it wasn't for my uni friend Livia mentioning 'So what graduate schemes have you applied for?' I could picture me with a blank, lost face, so now me and Luke decided to do an intense session of looking up graduate schemes.
Until one Monday, I met up and had a catch up with Bobby (For those of you wondering who Bobby is, just picture a face that is a mixture of Justin Beiber hair and Zac Efron - Yes, I know, I would punch that face too :p) we was chatting about how Uni life is going and what are each other's plans for after Uni. He offered me some words of wisdom towards my futrure decisions "You're such a helpful lad, you put others before yourself and that's admirable, I think your future lies in helping others and creating a better tomorrow" It was nice to think someone can see I do put people in my life before myself just because they deserve to and I like to make people happy and smiley, this is why I am spontaneous when it comes to gifts and visiting people to make people around me happy :), but I digress back onto the subject in mind, fromw hat he said I guessed he was hinting at working abroad and volunteering and stuff like that.
This is why the title of this post is 'The Future....Indecisive' because I feel lost with what I want to do and what's the best thing for me to do right now? So I'm going to write about my current options and see if anyone can offer me any suggestions as to which 1 would be most recommended;

1. Postgraduate? ~ I have always considered doing a Postgraduate course over the 2 years I've been at University, however this past year has made me second-guess it. ARU provide both 'Management' and 'Market & Innovation' Masters courses that appeal to me, and my friend Chelsea recommended a 'Marketing' masters course at DMU where she would be going so that I wouldn't be alone up in Leicester. One of my past regrets was not moving further away for Uni so that I could get used to living away from the family and being independent, I don't dwell at all on 'what could have been...' and 'what if...' no more as I feel happy with the course I chose and the friends that I have made over my time here.

2. Volunteering? ~ Volunteering was the idea that Bobby brought up to me believing that this is something I should do as it's the sort of person I am. Not gonna lie - I neevr considered it to be an option, but I've seen people with volunteering experience in their CV's and it has made such an impression on potential employers on having that sort of experience which defintiely intrigued me. I decided to do research on Volunteering and the main one's that appealed to me the most were helping educate children in Africa, build houses/ schools in Africa as well as working on a Safari park. It has been an ambition of mine to go to Africa and either go on a safari or experience working with wild animals. So, I thank Bobby for bringing this to my attention and opening up a potential career path.

3. Graduate Schemes? ~ This by far, has been the most stressful option that I've ever considered for anything. The time spent applying for graduate schemes and the tedious assessments in which the majority, if not all of them, have been completely irrelevant to what the job actually entails which makes no fucking sense. This has angered me and several others in my friend group, the sad thing is I think businesses look down on some of us just because of the university we have got our degree from. Yeah, I'll be one to admit that Anglia Ruskin isn't exactly the best university in the UK, but it certainly isn't the worst and at the end of the day, a degree is a fucking degree! We work our arses off for 3 years solid, putting in extra hours, long nights studying and researching to have the best possible grade to graduate with, just for a company to say 'That's not good enough' or 'You don't go to an accredited university' is just deflating and demoralising.
I have applied for Marks & Spencers, Barclays, Natwest, John Lewis, EasyJet, British Airways which have been unsuccessful which I think they have done wither of them 2 things and it angers me greatly that they treat students differently when they don't consider other factors like how some of us couldn't afford to go away to a distant univeristy etc., HOWEVER, I have had some sort of success with 2 companies in particular: 
McDonalds for example, (I know it's looked down as a possible career) has an opening for retail business manager which, in 2 years, will lead me to become a manager of the Cambridge branch or even choose to become an area manager of stores like Cambridge, Peterborough etc £18.5-22k a year is always a bonus too. I have a one day job evaluation stage with a date TBA. ~ Okay, this one isn't exactly a graduate scheme but it's a job at the end of the day - Head of Sales - £60k a year starting salary, leading onto £75k after 2-5 years!!! I was blown away by this advertisement and went for it on a whim and didn't think I would go past the application stage because I had no management experience. However, I got onto the interview stage in which over 200 people turned up for the day to go over several situational scenarios, maths test, group task and an interview stage (if you have seen the Apprentice with the gruelling interview stage, it was liek that but without the 'gruelling' aspect as they broke down my CV and asked about it all. After 5 days of nervous waiting, I got the phone call that said that I was successful and is being brought onto the final stage in which I go to London on the 18th January for a one day job evaluation in which I find out on the day if I get the job. They did mention in the phone call, that they would award me the job after the evaluation day on the basis of getting a 2.1 at university and I'm prepared to have an intense management training session so I'll be ready to take on the job.
So fingers crossed things go well with either of these, if I fail - then I fail and I just look after my degree for a proper job instead of a graduate scheme - as long as I'm out of Iceland - the better I'll be :)

4. Travelling? ~ Travelling is also been an ambition of mine, just themoney issue has always denied my chance to do so. But IO've planned to budget intensely in the new year so I could possibly afford to do this. 3 Continents appeal to me the most: South America ~ in particular, Brazil & Peru travelling through the Amazon rainforest and experiencing their cultures and seeing amazing sights. Africa ~ in particular, the locations where there are animal sanctuaries and safaris. Australia ~ to see all the sights and experience different places there like walking over the Sydeny bridge, sydeny harbour, the coral reef, the australian outback. These are all pipe-dreams, I'm considering this as an outside possiblity.

5. Move Away? ~ This, I have considered after having a rather up and down 2 years, considering quitting uni to join my family abroad and starting a new.  If I was to move abroad, it would be to join my American side of the family in Delaware. I've missed America ever since I went there on 2 week holiday back in 2009 and have always wanted to go back (Possible Graduation trip?) But I am looking to move away from Newmarket as it's such a shit town to live in, I'm looking into either quiet village like Red Lodge or perhaps Bury St. Edmunds/ Cambridge, but if I get this job at I could be seen moving to London which is what I'd never would have considered.

So those are my choices. If anyone has any recommendations or suggestion for other future choices, don't be shy and leave a comment. Hope you all have a good day, wherever you're in the world. Have a good weekend, and a new blog post will be up next week.