Wednesday, 19 December 2012

DaGnAbBiT rAbBiT

Hello readers and fellow bloggers!
This is my last blog post before the Christmas period so I'm going to make it count by giving you all an update in what's been happening in the life of Troy as of late. I hope not to bore you!

Uni ~ Well first semester of my final year at Anglia Ruskin is over. All assignments handed in, it has no doubt been the most stressful semester in my time at Uni by far! So much on the line in this final year with the need to bulk up my overall grade on top of organising the almighty dissertation for next semester on top of trying to sort out my future with the possibility of graduate schemes etc.,
One in particular has been somewhat stressful was the Marketing Consultancy project - our goal was to help create a sustainability badge for around the ARU campus, it wasn't that the module was that difficult I was a member of a great team who put in the effort and were very organised....except 1 person, who has proved to be a royal pain in everyone's arse doing work on countries that were completely irrelevant to the task as it was about the UNIVERSITY, he avoided the group when we did work and messed about with his iPhone ¬.¬, luckily he didn't affect our grade and managed to get a First (70%) in the presentation :)
Now, there is the long and worrying wait for the results and figure out where to go from there as I embark on my final semester at University.

Work ~ Working in a supermarket at Christmas time is such a stressful time; with rude customers to bulky storage areas and having no room to move can lead to a lot of stress within the work place, there have been some bitchiness as there always is in a workplace, I just choose to ignore it. With less than a week to go until the christmas period is over, I cannot bloody wait! Hopefully, my LAST christmas at Iceland *Fingers Crossed*

Family ~ Family is doing well, Olivia (My youngest of 3 sisters - 14 months old) has now started confidently walking and sometimes she still needs a finger to hold onto but its funny how quick my sisters are growing up. Have the oldest of 3 sisters (17) back for Christmas which means I have a partner in crime ;) This christmas is gonna be a good one I can tell!

Job Interview ~ Well I had my interview for Play.con last week. Somehow got to the last stage without any management experience, to say I was nervous would be an understatement - but somehow got into the final 5 where I had to write a speech about an innovative way in which to help the internet company, for this my mind went blank and the only thing I could think of was recyclable products to show a 'green appeal' but unfortunately, they didn't see it to be a good enough idea and I wasn't successful in getting that dream job. I won't let it get me down - its great experience and motivation for me to go so far.

Friends ~ This year has been a year of friend reconciliation, reuniting with old school and college friends, making new friends & losing friends who weren't worth my time. Lately, I have been meeting up with Chelsea we have been having a laugh and having playfights, she has ben helping with the organising and arty side of my university scrapbook and we been playing 'Honesty Hour' quite a bit which is funny cos it's always so rude with us :P I enjoy spending time with Chelsea as there is never a dull moment.
When it comes to college reunions, I have been seeing alot of my friend Emma who is always a pleasure to spend time with, we have always been able to open up to one another and make each other smile when we don't want to, we have a good time whether it's having a drink at Spoons or going to the cinema - I always look forward to what comes next as she joins Anglia Ruskin in January for a part-time course something to do with eyes and glasses lol.

Scrapbook ~ Over the last couple of days, the scrapbook has really taken flight and is getting closer to the end. All the writing, the pictures up to Year 3 have been printed (over 200 pictures!!) and the first 5 pages have been completed thanks to the awesomely arty friend of mine Chelsea :) I can't wait to see what the finsihed product will look like and to show my uni friends, I just hope they'll like it.

Christmas Presents ~ One thing I like most about christmas - is seeing my friends and families faces when they open the presents I get them :) I've already handed out a few christmas presents to my uni friends and a couple of my close friends. On Sunday, I'm spending it with 4 of my closest friends and sharing a Frankie & Benny's and going Bowling while opening presents, they already know one of each ot their presents is a connected theme :p Oh I cannot wait to see their faces!

Budgeting ~ After only just scraping through this year with less money than before (Dam Economy!) I've decided I'm going to be on a strict budget, I only have to be in Uni twice a week which is less than £9 to get in each week, hopefully I can work a 5 day week to boost finances because as usual, I plan so much to do over the year with gigs, music festival, a wedding, uni events and birthdays lol.

Christmas ~  After finishing semester 1 at Uni last week, I am off for Christmas untilt he 28th January. Although, I don't consider it a break as all of us uni peeps have to do work on our dissertations, and I'll be working on my scrapbook. Going to be a long and tiring christmas break!

Well, as I said at the start of this blog post - this will be the last one I do before Christmas. So I would like to wish all my readers and fellow bloggers a happy Christmas and a great New Years! (Let the alcohol flow, grow christmas bellies & party well into the night!)

Laters peeps