Thursday, 13 December 2012

My Dream Holidays

Hello peeps, with assignments almost ou of the way I will be going blog post CRAZY in the time I have off until January 28th (BOOYEAH!) so hopefully some of you will keep tracking back to see what I am blogging about. This new post will be what are my dream holiday locations. This will be included in a future 'Bucket' list which will b uploaded very soon too. Everyone has ideas of where they would love to go in the world, whether its to travel, on holiday with people you love or by yourself. But here are the 10 holiday locations I would love to go to in the future and the reasons behind why I want to go to them;
(By the way, these are not in order of where I would most want to go, it's just what I brainstormed and the first ones to pop up out of my head!)

1. Centre Parcs (Weekend)
Now I know this isn' really classed as a holiday, but weekend breaks are special in their own right as it's a time to make the most of things and make the memories that you will cherish. I've wanted to experience Center Parcs since a few of my friends this year have visited for the weekend and it sounded like they had an amazing time. The nearest Center Parcs to me is Elveden Forest and
they have amazing facilties and the 'cabins' where I'd be staying look really nice and for the price you get, yeah it's a little on the expensive side, but it's worth it with all the sports, recreational activities on top of swimming and spa experiences. I would love to arrange a break with my friends at some point for a weekend away like this, just to get out of Newmarket would be awfully great right now.
2. London (Weekend)
I have done a weekend away in London before and it was a great time and I won' forget the good memories I had (Avenue Q, Ice Bar, Madame Tussauds, 2 hour stroll around London, largest toy department store in the world) but there are other things that I didn't get the chance to experience that I would like to. I want to see more West End shows, in particular;
  • 'Rock of Ages'
  • 'We Will Rock You'
  • 'Thriller'
  • 'Shrek'
I'd also like to dine at Planet Hollywood, my uni friend went there before she proposed to her now fiance and it looks amazing to experience. I have already experienced the London Eye but to experience it with a girlfriend would be something to special :) London Dungeons would be an amazing spectacle to see! Ever since my friend told me all about it, it's interested me in going to see it. The London zoo would be awesome to see, I've been to two zoos in my lifetime and I doubt any of them compare to the London zoo, and finally, I would like to be able to see the Olympic park, I never got the chance to go to the actual Olympic venue so it would be nice to see it before it's ruined by putting WEST HAM UNITED in charge of that amazing stadium.

3. Paris (Weekend)
This is a typical choice, especially when you're in a relationship as everyone has to experience Paris at some point in their lives to see all the amazing sights and soak up the french culture ~ eating croissants, drinking wine, even to try on a beret (may even grow a moustache to fit in haha!) The main sights I would like to see in Paris would be of course, to spend a day at Disneyland Paris - I would spoil my little sisters senseless with Disney toys and possibly the odd Eeyore merchandise for me mother :) I would like to go to the louvre as I remember that one scene on top of the Louvre from...I think it was either 'Da Vinci Code' or 'Angels & Demons'. I willw ant to see the obvious sights: The Champs Elysses & The Eiffel Tower.

4. Rome (Weekend)
Rome, and Italy in particular, is always a place I've wanted to visit to experience the culture and see the sights such as the leaning tower of Pisa, the Coliseum, go punting in Venice :) have an italian shopping experience too. Would be nice for a romantic adventure.

5. Lads/ Friends Holiday (7/10 Days)
This is the one thing that has eluded me in my life. I've been invited to 2 but because I had college commitments I couldn't go on holiday at such a important time. So I hope to organise either a lads holiday or a friends holiday :)
Malia, Ayia Napa, Kavos, Zante ~ these are the main locations I would consider going to.
Somewhere where we can drink and party to the early hours of the morning, wacky fancy dress ideas, beach time! Be awesome to experience it! Need a holiday like this BADLY!!

6. Mexico (10 Days)
Never really considered a holiday here before I started seeing pictures on my facebook and twitter from some uni friends who have planned to go to Cancun next year. Some of the pictures look amazing!! Would love to go there for the sub-tropical weather and to buy a genuine sombrero xP

7.  Hawaii (10 Days)
Hawaii must be one of the most commonly chosen locations to go on a holiday in the future for most people as it looks like an amazing place to go. Sun, Sea, Sand! One to save up for definitely!

8. Egypt (2 Weeks)
Egypt has recently become such an intriguing place for me to want to go on holiday, not just to see the Pyramids, the sphinx etc., but seeing how HOT it is there and how affordable it is to stay for 2 weeks in a sheikh luxury hotel! This is one I will defintiely go on hopefully with someone :)

9. Florida (2 Weeks)
This is a holiday that me and my family are planning to go in the next 5 years of so. Taking the little ones to Disneyworld in particular and for all of them to enjoy America. We discussed spending a week up in Delaware to see our American family and then travel down to Florida to spend a week in the resort. The one place I want to go is Harry Potter Land (YES! I am a true Potterhead!) Anytime I get to visit America, I intend to make the most of it xD

10. Las Vegas, LA & San Francisco (2 Weeks)
My old friend Jo recently got married and I was so jealous hearing of their amazing honeymoon - going on a 2 week trek of San Francisco, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. This is THE ultimate holiday that I would love to go on.
  • Golden Gate Bridge
  • Hollywood Sign
  • Madame Tussauds (Las Vegas)
  • Gamble in Las Vegas casinos
  • See the 'Walk of Fame' & drive by Celebs houses!
  • Visit TV sets of my favourite shows
This particular holiday I would love to save for a future honeymoon :) I know it's a long way off right now (As I need a girlfriend first!) But it's nice to think of where I would like to go as a possible honeymoon location.