Friday, 4 January 2013

2012: Review Of My Year

Hello fellow bloggers! Hope you had a great New Years and went into 2013 on a positive note (: I've been planning on doing a review of my year so here it is. Not going to lie, it's been a pretty great year for me - I've made some awesome friends, I've got rid opf friends who treated me like shit, no real setbacks and I'm looking to the future now. I've got included in this new post my favourite 10 stand out moments, the best 10 films I've seen at the cinema and the top 10 tv shows I've been introduced to this year. I hope you enjoy reading this.

Top 10 Moments Of My 2012:
There have been some amazing moments I've experienced and been a part of this year, it was difficult to narrow it down to 10 so here they are in order (:

10. Wembley Stadium Tour
Back in January, I got a Wembley Stadium tour for Christmas and cashed it in, I took my step dad with me because we had previously been to Wembley to see the NFL Internal Series (Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Chicago Bears) It was amazing to see great memorabilia like the cross bar of the 1966 world cup final, champions league winners year by year kit shirts and match day stuff. Got some amazing pictures, got to walk onto the pitch and hold the FA Cup. Awesome day (: Next up is a stadium tour of Old Trafford!!

9. Secret Society of Awesomeness Trip
Very few people will understand what this means - basically, its a group of 5 awesome people that I work with at Iceland and we meet up regularly whether its a cinema trip, bowling, going round someones house for a laugh. This particular moment was the first time that we all had a day out together as a group outside of work (: After a Sunday shift at work, we took a trip to Huntington - did get sort of lost looking for the others when on the way there but they got there before us. We had a mahoosive Frankie & Benny's where we spent over 120 quid between 5 of us! We had to wait well over an hour for our food which was annoying especially when we had to be in the cold outside -.- But after we managed to get our food, we went to the arcades in the cinema complex where we took our first picture together as a group. We then watched Pirates! A Band Of Misfits which was a surprisingly great film! Overall, an amazing day (: And there have been many of them memories since then!

8. Michael McIntyre
This particular moment was not planned, a few weeks before the event I was asked by my Uni friend Stacey if I wanted the tickets so I snatched them up before anyone else was aked. The tough part was finding someone to come with, but everyone just said they'd get back to me but they never did -.- so eventually, I found myself someone to go with. My mate Rob who I hadn't seen for a long while and had an enjoyable time on the way to Birmingham catching up about everything that's been having - we got very giddy about getting onto the infamous 'Spaghetti Junction' and successfully maneouvered a 3-point turn in the smallest hotel parking area I've ever seen! We had a few bevvies in the Wetherspoons and had a nice walk looking around the Birmingham city centre before the event. Michael McIntyre was AMAZING!! Completely different when seeing him live instead of watching him on TV. Next comedian I want to see live is the one and only, LEE EVANS!! xD

7. College Reunions (Charlie, Emma)
I have missed my friends from College as they had done so much for me in the two years I knew them and we made some amazing memories (: (Go back to 'Revisiting College' blog post) Since then, I haven't really kept in touch with anyone but luckily this year, I've managed to catch up with 2 of my old college mates. Emma - we randomly bumped into one another in town and got to talking and arranged to meet up one night for a catch up, and since then we haven't stopped talking and we've kept meeting up seeing films and grabbing a bite to eat. She is now one of my closest friends and I'm so happy to have her back in my life and we always have a fun time. Another friend I caught up with was with Charlie as she came with me for the Olympics Football (I will get into that a little bit later!) I hope to catch up with more college friends in 2013!

6. Blink 182
I had to wait 18 months for this event to arrive as the band had delayed touring for some reason. Was originally meant to go with my Uni friend but because she couldn't afford to go, so the first person I thought of that liked Blink was my friend Charley, unfortunately because she had a bad ear infection we risked lasting as long as we did in the gig being so close to the stage. It was an amazing gig seeing The Blackout, All-American Rejects and Blink 182. We read online that Blink had been doing a reprise of 'Call Me Maybe' but unfortunately they changed it for this event to do Kelis - 'Milkshake' instead. We did eventually leave a couple of songs earlier to beat the crowd to help Charley with her ear, I bought some bread which was helping the achiness.Overall had an amazing time in Nottingham seeing 3 of my favourite friends with a great friend.

5. Olympics
This is the one and only time anyone would experience the Olympics in my lifetime and I was happy with whatever I got to see. I originally applied for the Opening + Closing ceremony, Men's Football Gold Medal Match & the 100m final day which was in fact, 'Super Saturday'. Unfortunately I was unsuccessful getting any of them so I settled for 2 group matches & 1 quarter-final match at Old Trafford. Surprisingly, it cost £20 a ticket each x * - ACTUAL BARGAIN! I went to Manchester on the 26th July with my work mate Richard and met up with my old college buddy Charlie with her boyfriend Alex. Had such a great time at the matches catching up with Charlie and having such a laugh about old times and the crazy Uruguayian fan in front of us. We saw Uruguay vs U.A.E - we were supporting U.A.E as that absolute c*** Luis Suarez was playing - we all enjoyed booing him and seeing how absolute shite he played. Did manage to catch all 4 of us on television (split second of fame ha!). We got to meet DJ Spoony and eventually the main event we couldn't wait to see was, Team GB vs Senegal, was a disappointing result but being apart of the atmosphere and being passionate for the home nations was an amazing experience.
On 4th August, I returned to Old Trafford with my step-dad and my Uni friend Stacey alongwith her fiance Cassy. The Quarter-Final we were hoping to see was potentially Brazil vs Spain but as Brazil were too good and Spain were shit, it ended up being Japan vs Egypt. It was good to catch up with the loved-up couple over the summer and had a good laugh supporting Japan painting the Japanese flag on me, Stacey and Cassy (Discovered Cassy's hidden talent) and she ended up painting some kids faces too!
Overall an amazing experience with amazing people and moments that I won't ever forget!

4. Asylum 8
I've always wanted to experience a convention since a friend introduced me to the likes of Comic Con, I managed to stumble upon a company that arranges conventions for hit TV shows and I discovered they hold Supernatural conventions. If you don't know what 'Supernatural' is about, its a sci-fi/ fantasy show about 2 brothers facing mythological creatures such as Demons, Angels, Witches & Hellhounds. Truly is an amazing show, I went with my sister Sophie and long-time friend Natasha in Birmingham. Got to stay in the same hotel as the Supernatural stars such as;
  • Misha Collins - Castiel
  • Mark Sheppard - Crowley
  • Jim Beaver - Bobby
  • DJ Qualls - Garth
  • Kim Rhodes - Sheriff Jody Mills
  • Mark Pellegrino - Lucifer
  • Steven Williams - Rufus
  • Jim Michaels/ Guy Norman Bee - Directors
  • Matt Cohen - Young John Winchester
  • Carrie Ann Fleming - Bobby's Wife
  • James Patrick Stuart - Dick Roman
I got to meet all of the cast there and have handshakes and chats with them all and got an autograph each. I got kissed by Kim Rhodes (Developed a massive crush on her - I didn't realise she was the Mum off 'Suite Life of Zack and Cody') I got pictures with the awesome DJ Qualls, Misha Collins, Jim Beaver and the lovely Kim Rhodes. Definitely would go back again to see another Supernatural convention or a convention like Big Bang Theory!

3. Friendship Reconciliation
She may not like me for saying this publically on my blog, but it would be nice for me to tell her. Me and this friend have had an up and down time over the last couple of years and we've hardly talked or spent time together but this year, in my opinion, has made such a difference in a good way. We have spent more time together having a laugh and arranging plans for going to see Blink and going to Download. Spending time together on both of these occasions I hope helped our friendship and I still consider her an important person in my life and I can always rely on her to be honest, reliable, trustworthy and always up for a good time. I look forward to spending more time with you and being able to have memories made with you.

2. University
This year has been an awesome, yet stressful year when it comes to University. The first half, I've amanged to create more memories with my uni mates and achieve a 2.1 so far with my current grades, and in the second half has been my the first semester of my final year so alot of pressure has been on this one. In Year 3, everyone has had to worry about how stressful and tiring the assignments have been, the stress of applying for either post-graduate courses or graduate schemes. I've also decided to create a scarpbook with memories of my friends and the times I've shred with them. Hopefully have it all done by the time 3rd year ends so I can show them. 2013 is going to be a stressful and emotional year saying our goodbyes and handing in the last of the assignments and eventually graduating!

1. Download Festival
First time festival-goer. First-time Downloader!
5 days of drinking, music, mud, no baths, fairground. 5 days of AWESOMENESS!
When me, Charley & April arrived at Castle Donington it was long wait and one of THE LONGEST WALKS I'VE EVER DONE!! Luckily once we got to the Blue campsite it was an easy tent set-up and helped the girls with their tent along with a few others as we were tent newbies. We spent our first night settling in after the rain hit and got to know our Download neighbours.
On the second day, yet another rainy day (I don't like rainy weather as much as anyone, but I didn't mind it as much this time as it's a part of the whole festival experience) but we walked around the festival village to see what they all had to offer and ended up getting our faces painted (Me ~ Joker, Charley ~ Eye Fairy Decoration). Later in the day, Charley and April had fallen asleep and I was tired of being in the tent so I ventured to the comedy tent to see some of the events happening such as Kunt & The Gang.
FRIDAY - 1st day of Rock in the Download Arena, but as the line up on the friday wasn't as good as the saturday and sunday, however, we bumped into a couple of Canadian guys who were in the country to volunteer for the 2012 Olympics, ended up having a chinwag getting to know one another and somehow ended up having one EPIC mud fight, which I believe that April lost as she was being targeted the most. After that, we settled into Charley & April's tent and ended up playing 'Truth or Dare'.
SATURDAY was a great day as it was first day me, Charley, April and the 2 Canadian lads Shaun and Jason, we enjoyed the fun fair rides before we went on a long trek to the Download Arena but as we got there we had the chance to see Steel Panther from the top of the 'XLR8' thrill seeker which was a spectacular sight seeing the sheer mass of people around the arena. We got to witness the likes of;
  • Tenacious D
  • You Me At Six
  • Metallica
...during the day.
The final day at Download we went all out! Drank the remains of our alcohol, coincidentally bumped into a couple of lads from Haverhill, played drinking games both in the campsite and the 24 hour cafe which made some amazing mash and beans. We managed to go see bands like;
  • Rise Against
  • Black Sabbath
Unfortunately, I didn't get to see bands like Shinedown & Fozzy on the Sunday, but it was a great last day with everyone smiling and having a great time :)
It was sad to leave on the Monday but I will never forget my first festival and I will definitely make sure to see some more in the future, whether its Download or V Fest.

Top 10 Films I've Seen At The Cinema:
10. Paranormal Activity IV

9. Pirates! Band Of Misfits

8. Battleship

7. Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part II

6. The Sweeney

5. American Reunion

4. Perks Of Being A Wallflower

3. Dredd

2. Dark Knight Rises

1. Avengers Assemble

Top 10 Songs Of 2012:
10. FUN - Some Nights

9. Maroon 5 - PayPhone

8. David Guetta - Titanium

7. Rita Ora - How We Do (Party)

6. Pixie Lott Feat. Tinchy Stryder -  Bright Lights

5. Jessie J - Domino

4. The Script - Hall Of Fame

3. FUN - We Are Young

2. Rihanna Feat. David Guetta - We Found Love

1. Flo Rida Feat. Sia - Wild Ones

Top 10 TV Shows Of 2012: (This list also includes shows that I have been introduced to this year!)
10. Sons Of Anarchy


8. American Horror Story

7. New Girl

6. Walking Dead

5. Chuck

4. How I Met Your Mother

3. Celebrity Juice

2. Big Bang Theory

1. London 2012

OVERALL, it has been an amazing 2012 for me with more highs than lows, and I'm going to make sure that 2013 is just the same and if not, BETTER! I have plenty planned with some amazing people so far this year and I feel privileged to make memories with these people (: