Saturday, 5 January 2013

2013 Resolutions

So, not even a week into 2013 aand it has been a positive start. Lots of plans in the works for what the future holds after university. I definitely have a good feeling for how 2013 will turn out and this blog post is to show you what the plans are currently.

My Three 2013 Resolutions:
1. I know it sounds mushy but I intend to - fall in love. It's been 2 years since my last - and only serious relationship, and I'm hoping to find someone again (:

2. I know right now with my current saving money scheme (which isn't working well) , but I'm hoping - to move out of the family home. This will be more possible if I'm able to find a friend to move in with, but I'm going to be on an uber-save blitz from here until the summer, with any luck I will have a potential full time job or plenty of hours going in my current job to help boost my funds.  

3. My final resolution is without a doubt the more important right now from my perspective - Find my ideal career path. This. for me, has to be completed by the time I finish my 3rd and final year at University which gives me 5/6 months to discover what I want to do in my life. No pressure.

Music Gigs: Asking Alexandria, FUN, We Are The In Crowd

Stacey & Cassy's Wedding

ARU Graduation - October (:

Things To Do:
Find a Girlfriend

Finish Nan's Journal

Finish Univeristy Scrapbook

Find a Graduate Scheme/ New Job

Move Out Of Family Home

FINALLY Get A Tattoo