Thursday, 31 January 2013

Catching Up With Fishy

this particular blog post I have had written in notes for over a week and finally had time to write it all up so here it is.

Let's face it - the weather in January has been playing complete and utter chaos with everyones plans  The dam snow either cancelling travel plans and people getting to work on time. Luckily, the late trains worked in my favor for my trek to St Neots, seeing as it should only be a 40 minute trip, it turned out to be a 2 hour train ride. Once I finally got there, the snow was worse there than it was in either Cambridge or Newmarket.

Eventually met up with Luke after a slow walk towards town walked towards shakie jakes to sit down have a catch up over what's been happening over Christmas and New years and talk about the usual subjects: Football and University. We also talked about any market research we had carried out for our upcoming business venture in Sports Marketing. After having a unique milkshake at Shakie Jakes, we met up with Luke's girlfriend before she headed to work, had a nice catch up and laugh over Luke while having a Subway, you just gotta love a meatball marinara.

After we left Ana to go to work, me and Luke made the long trip back to his for a long-awaited FIFA session. On the way there, Luke talked me through 'Magic: The Gathering' card game, this would be one accomplishment of my bucket list (See 'Bucket List' blog post) Luke talked me through the basics and what types of decks there were existant - I was intrigued by this, a few years back I would never have given this a thought and just thought it was too nerdy for me, just like Warhammer and the alternative - WarMachine.

Once we eventually got to Lukes house, the FIFA session was underway! I somehow thrashed Luke in the first game, just couldn't believe my luck as he was Anzhi and I was Arsenal 5-1. But unfortunately, Luke started to be more of a test first winning as Fluminense vs Brighton 3-2 in a hbighly laughable match, we spent more time laughing than we did concentrating on the game, then he won as Olympiakos over Rayo Vallecano 2-1 in another entertaining match, and then - the old firm: Man Utd v Chelsea - it was very equal until Luke did a re-shuffle and put Luiz in midfield and from then on, I couldn't either get a hold of the ball and hold it long enough to launch an attack, lost 2-0 in the end.

After we enjoyed FIFA, Luke gave me my first shot at Magic. First game, he talked me through the lay out of the cards, what each card does and how the game works - I started off with a Black deck against his Ice deck. I did lose the first game but at least I got the general idea of the game, next round Luke got manner screwed and I surprisingly beat him. I did like the chances of luck coming into it when it came to depending on manner to help win a game. After the games, Luke helped me set up my first ever deck, as I had a good idea of how to play with a Black deck he started me off with that first, and now I feel like I've introduced a new hobby/ interest into my life which I hope to take along further.

First day back at university, I went to the Inner Sanctum store in Cambridge to purchase more decks and came across the deck builders toolkit which gave me the equivelant of 5 new decks for the same price of starting 2 decks (£16.99) I purchased dice to go with the game as well as it also gives me a rulebook, Luke has said I will come back to St. Neots at a later time to see if I can shift some of his 2 huge boxes of wasted cards to build much stronger decks for me to challenge him and perhaps bring other friends into the game.

Later in the week, Luke was adament that I try out WarHammer which was another game I have slated in the past, so after our lectures I went with Luke in Games Wokshop to get a  tutorial game in, which I won surprisingly - i was actually interested in the whole concept with having to spend unfortunately loads of money on armies to have to paint them, sand them down to make them look presentable to work. Luke talked me through the different armies and the latest offer 'Dark Vengeance'. I'm interested in starting up with the Dark Vengeance box set with a paint station which would set me back about £120 but it does include everything I would need in a starter set. After looking through the different types of armies, if I decide to expand armies in the future, I would definitely go for the 'Dark Eldars'.

So, I thank Luke for introducing me to these 2 very interesting games and I look forward to if I do go through with starting up Warhammer and how far I go with developing my new Magic decks and getting some friends involved with it :)

A new blog post will be posted within the new next few days revolved around a certain band of friends that are shall we say, "Awesome".

Hope you've enjoyed reading and shall see you all soon :) x