Thursday, 21 February 2013

Playstation 4 Verdict

Ahead of the Sony PlayStation announcement, many people were hoping for their first glimpse of the official console, the controller and the key feature games to officially open with PS4 and of course, an official release date. Here is my official verdict on the details that were revealed last night from the PlayStation announcement.

To start everyone off, they officially announced this meeting was about the PlayStation 4 console and started off by revealing the official new PS4 controller. In my opinion, it looks completely shocking! It's abolished the start/ select buttons and has included a touch pad and a 'share' button at the back of the controller in between the L and R buttons. It's basically, a Sony version of the Wii remote as there is now a sensor motion on the controller which means (If its anything like the Wii) that there will be calibration problems as connection may be lost at times in the games - and will end up costing us extra just to purchase a sensor with the console. The main reason for abolishing the start button is basically so the PS4 can immediately resume their game play from when they last stopped. Although it looks simple and slick - I don't like the look of the new controller.

I'm no IT geek and don't know much about the full detailed specs and diagnostics of a console or a computer but by the new up-to-date technology included in this new console, it shows me that Sony have included supercharged architecture to create "the ultimate user experience" through a console to overcome their main competitors. With an X86 CPU, enhanced GPU, 8GB of high speed RAM in the console which makes the console more quickly usable and more space available for downloads, on top of local HDD - from this - PlayStation are determined to redefine creation in game play with realistic visual aids and game play interactions with utilities like the PlayStation move and the PS Vita - it looks amazing even for a computer newb.

When the PlayStation 3 was released, there was no Twitter, Facebook was only just introduced into our lives, there was no iPad or iPhone - but now we are in a world revolved around the Internet and in particular, Social Media. PlayStation 4 is apparently looking to evolve a social platform with game play consoles. From what the main players in Sony have said about the social side of the PlayStation - they're creating the PS4 to be basically - a new social network by adding new friends and interacting with them through the console etc., the profile player can upload game play footage and share it on their profile for their PS friends to show off their skills or set up challenges for their friends to accomplish, a unique idea is that the user can now invite their friends into the game to help them complete a difficult part of a level (I'm guessing there will be some potential trophies available for that involvement for both parties). They are installing a web cam into the PlayStation to make interaction more realistic by seeing the reactions of the players and getting to know new people - this would be interesting on online games like Call Of Duty & FIFA franchises with rage quits and discussing tactics etc., the live stream sounds like a great idea to create a new level of game play. They have announced that there will be more website platforms included such as: uStream, Hulu plus, Amazon, Twitter etc. with more to be revealed on the release date or before then.

I mentioned earlier about having to buy different utility bundles such as the controller sensor and potentially the PS move/Vita basically trying to influence multiple purchases (NOT HAPPENING!).

Now for one of the main reasons I tuned into watch the PlayStation announcement - the console games. One of the guys behind Sonic The Hedgehog and an employee of Atari (for your retro gamers you'd remember the name) - the sad news is that the console will not be able to play PS3 games (ANGRY FACE!) and at an additional cost users will have purchase classic PS1 & PS2 titles. What's bad about this is that users will have to restart their gaming collection from scratch with this console. A new unique aspect of the PS4 is that the user can now stream demos with their new tag line 'Buy only what you love' and can download PS4 titles and after a short space of downloading the user can start playing the game which will save us all a huge amount of time waiting around for the game to download to the software.
One definite piece of good new is that there are a huge list of game publishers have agreed to contract extensions to continue to do business with PlayStation throughout the duration of the PlayStation 4 with a few that i will be mentioning in this next section.

There were 9 game preview trailers and here are my verdicts on them:

1. Knack - graphics similar to Spyro & Rachet & Clank, seems to old school for the up-to-date PlayStation console ad didn't particularly look interested.

2. Killzone: Shadow Fall - this I didn't expect at all - I haven't played a Killzone game before and I didn't expect it to see it look so good - amazing graphics! (Guerilla Games have outdone themselves this time after comparing past Killzones with this new release).

3. Drive Club - the evolution of the racing game by introducing a 'social driving club' withe online team racing. It's definitely an interesting concept with insane details on the inside of the cars and outside - it definitely will rival the Gran Turismo games depending on the rumoured new GT game in the franchise.

4.inFamous: Second Son - Suckerpunch releasing an inFamous game WITHOUT Cole McGrath? This will be interesting to see the thought provoking new story, with new powers and awesome looking graphics! I look forward to seeing how this plays out.

5. They have introduced a new puzzle game called "The Witness" - one word - DULL.

6. Capcom have introduced a new game exclusive to the PS4 called 'Deep Down' (Here's me thinking it would be something to do with Street Fighter ha!) the game looks like an interesting concept, not sure on whether or not I'd be purchasing it unless more game play details are revealed before the official release date.

7. Square Enix - The creators of Final Fantasy (Arguably the greatest franchise EVER created for the PlayStation, and Kingdom Hearts) showed an increase in significant visual graphics enhancement and revealed that Final Fantasy XV is in progress of being created! WOOOOOO!!!!

8. Ubisoft - in the past they've made some amazing games for the PlayStation, but on the other hand, there have been some poor games. However, this time - Watchdogs looks absolutely phenomenal - similar screen layout to Grand Theft Auto but you prevent crimes, hack into city systems - would definitely recommend looking into this game more on YouTube and buying it upon its release.

9. Activision - are now releasing a first person shooter that apparently will re-boot the genre and potentially eclipse the Halo franchise - very bold, ambitious talks - we'll have to wait and see on that.

Finally, they showed as a lasting image on the screens - 'PS4 - Coming Soon Holiday 2013'

Final Verdict:
No showing of the design may halt consumers on pre-ordering the PS4 as info hasn't leaked on the design - whether it is will be like the PS2/3 or be a Circular white/ blue console, but prices rumoured between £300-£500, I would say definitely worth the money. Game-wise, unfortunately no news upon Call Of Duty, FIFA, Gran Turismo, Battlefield or any other EA games.
I will be delaying my decision to buy a PlayStation 4, certain aspects that worry me - ESPECIALLY THE CONTROLLER, unable to play PS3 games on the console. The development of the games, the architecture and the evolution of social gaming is intriguing.
In my opinion, Microsoft have no need to worry right now with the follow up to the Xbox 360, it will be interesting to see how each console measures up when the designs are finally released - be interesting to see who will dominate the gaming market in the coming years, which may worry Nintendo with their new 'Wii U' I don't see it personally competing well with these two gaming giants right now.

Hope you enjoyed reading this latest blog entry, 2 new blog posts will follow this weekend so stay tuned..