Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Scrapbook Progress

Hellooo fellow bloggers!

Hope all is well with everyone.

Well this next blog post is to give everyone an update on the University memory scrapbook that I have talked about previously.

I have made significant progress since I last spoke to you, I started off with a meet up with my friend Chelsea who was the Arty/Design guru, who helped me paint a clearer picture picture of how I wanted each section of my scrapbook to look like and helped by creating the front page and the headers for each year and talked me through a rough order in which the sections would be in so that I could develop on the design more later.
In the end, with so much space inbetween the photos, I made designs for pages along with add in  promotional materials from all things related to Anglia Ruskin & the Cambridge nightlife, based on 3 years worth of collecting stuff from Freshers Fairs that I had never used.

As for photos, over 200 pictures have been printed off for this scrapbook all from my pictures and pictures from others facebook albums to help complete it. Got pictures from nights out , random pictures and a few pictures of each of the friends that have made my 3 years at Uni so special included in a 'Friends' section where I have written something about that person to show how much that person has meant to me.

With the scrapbook nearing completion, the only parts left to do are to get my friends to look through the scrapbook and leave a little message, add in more pictures of nights out, the summer ball & pictures of my 2 best friends: Stacey & Luke, its crazy that over the 3 years we have spent all this time together and have not had a single picture of the three of us! and of course finally, a picture of the group of friends either at the summer ball or Me, Stacey & Luke at Graduation.

To anyone who reads this that i've asked about writing a little message in the scrapbook, I will hopefully come find you either in the easter holidays or in the remaining weeks of university. As for now, I am going back from my academic break and get on with this dam dissertation.

Laters Peeps!