Sunday, 14 April 2013

Latest in the life of Pimbers

Hello fellow bloggers,
I've been updating this whenever I can as it's been very hectic the last few weeks this end. I'm going to talk you through what has been happening in my life as of late.

Life at home is all good - everyone in the family (besides me and the mother) has suffered with chicken pox lately. The poor little sisters have suffered with it the most with very little sleep bless them, my cousin Poppaea is one of the few people that actually get it twice. As a typical cousin, I couldn't help but threaten to draw lines on her face to make constellations or a dot-to-dot.
Speaking of my little sisters, my middle sister Amelia turned 4 back at the end of March so she's been loving openign up her presents, I got her 'Room on the Broom' DVD (If you aren't sure what that is, it was created by the team that made 'The Gruffalo') it was on at Christmas and she was hooked to the television Christmas day watching that programme.
I think I may have mentioned previously about my plans to move out, well things are progressing well with this - I have a selection of friends that have said they would like to move in with me whether it is to Cambridge or to stay in Newmarket. Now all I need to do is find a full-time job and the hardest thing for me to do - SAVE MONEY.
On a sad note, I have been hit by a family loss this past week with my uncle Geoff passing away in hospital :\ he was my Nan's brother so I'm effectively one of the last Pimbley's in my family. Sadly, I won't be going to his funeral - since my Nan passed away 4 years ago - I just can't face funerals since then which I do feel bad since my Nan's sister passed away not too long ago and didn't want to go to that either :\ ... anyway, I'll leave the 'home' side of my life to an end at that point.

I've been experimenting with new things that in the past, I would never consider trying out. But I've shut out the negativity and "fear" of trying something new just to help live a more interesting life - Magic: The Gathering was the first thing since that "vow" that I tried out thanks to my uni friend Luke. Since then, I have spent quite a bit of money setting up decks and facing my first tournament. I got my friend James into playing Magic and he seems to be enjoying it - and hopefully soon, I will be introducing it to my friend Charley once I arrange a meet up with her again.
Coming up at the start of May is the new set of cards in which me and Luke are already looking at spending around £70 already (We may be a little too into this game). When we should really be concentrating on assignments and our final exam - we are instead playing Magic, we have our priorities in the right place ha!

Speaking of Uni...
Things are slowly but surely dialling down on all the stress and anguish of the amount of work I've had to do during this final year. As of Thursday, I had officially finished my dissertation and I couldn't be more relieved, even though it does sound like complete nonsense! It may make more sense if I didn't have troubles with my "supervisor". This has caused the most stress seeing I had only seen my supervisor once back in November and a week later she tells me that she was no longer my supervisor and I wasn't told until the start of March that she was STILL my supervisor after countless e-mails without a reply to people around the university that might help. Only when I mentioned in the e-mails that I'm going to complain about how I'm being treated, a minute later people started flooding back with e-mails. Since then, my supervisor has done nothing but screw around with me so I finally filed a complaint for how she has been and I hope the right course of action will be taken.
Okay, went on a little rant then - I will get back to the topic in hand now, as my dissertation is complete (just now waiting on proof-reading feedback from Stacey & Luke), I now only have two 3000 word assignments to complete hopefully by the start of May so I can prepare for the final examination then - FREEDOM!
I am now concentrating on getting my uni friends to look through and sign my memory scrapbook that is near completion. I'm so glad that my friends that have seen like it so far. The only thing left now to buy from Uni is my summer ball ticket - I cannot wait to sign off in style.

Career Hunting
I have started searching for the ideal job & career for me once I finish university. I have been mixing between different ideas and everytime I believe that I found the ideal career path for me, someone always drags me down and somewhat depresses me - don't understand why people just can't support my idea and if it fails then that's a life lesson for me to learn. I'm glad there are some friends that I can depend onto support me. I have come up with 3 main career options for me:
Teaching ~ When I was younger I was inspired by my old Business teacher Mr mason to possibly take up becoming a teacher but I always indecisive about what I would be doing at that age. But I'm definitely considering becoming a teacher if I can acheive my aim of a 2.1 grade to apply for a PGCE course in 2014 to become a Business Studies teacher.
Management jobs ~ As I'm taking a course at University in Business Management, this seems like a logical career path looking into management careers mainly in Cambridge.
Event management ~ This is something that has been inspired by my college work with creating a fashion show for our module, and seeing how well my friend Charlie has been doing with her course. I'm looking into postgraduate courses for event management for if I don't find a full-time job by the end of the year. I'm currently making lists of company names, list of events I would do & drawing up ideas for a logo. At first, I'll be creating voluntary events for friends & family to put together an event portfolio.

Days Out
Slowly but surely, I'm getting my social life back on track with money problems cleared away, I celebrated this by going out to Cambridge for the day with my guy friends on Easter Sunday with Frankie & Benny's, Bowling, Arcades & Drinks.
A week later, I went to Norwich for the first time to meet up with my good friend Stacey to organise a hen do. YES - I'm Stacey's "Chief Cock" for her hen weekend. We've organised pretty much everything apart from the saturday evening - I just hope the weekend goes without any problems whatsoever, as long as she leaves to go home on sunday, hungover and happy that's all that matters. Other than that, we talked about all kinds of things, her wedding, uni, what we are both doing after graduation, talking back on old times etc., I haven't had a day like that with Stacey since the first year and I've missed that. I just hope me and her can have more times like that, especially when it comes to drinking a whole lot and ending up having an ice-cube fight - we tried different Ciders, a bottle of Hooch, Rum & a Honey Monster cocktail.

Personal Life
Nothing new happening in my personal life as of late. BUT, Breaking News:
For the first time since my last relationship over 2 and a bit years ago, I finally feel ready to enter a relationship again and commit to someone again. :)

That is all for now peeps, my next big blog post will hopefully be one of my friends doing the first of many "Guest entries" which I will ask one of my friends to think up something write for my blog, or I will present a tribute to one of my friends, and I know who the first one will be so you iwll have to return to find out who.

Hope evryone has a good weekend and week ahead.

Take care,