Wednesday, 1 May 2013

What A Manic Couple Of Weeks..

I really need to keep a regular check up with this blog. Hopefully once University is over May 20th, I can concentrate on doing regular blog updates because the ideas of future topics are building up with very little motivation or effort towards actually carrying them out.
Anyway, alot has happened recently so I thought I'd give people a latest update on what's been occurring;

Univeristy-wise, I have finally handed in my dissertation after a very distressing meeting with my dissertation supervisor, she was pissing me off so much with her "talking down to me" tone, that I decided to flip and have a go at her, ranting about how much of a useless, unhelpful bitch she has been this year - I'm so glad I relieved that stress, you'd think with it being the final year an' all that lecturers and 'supervisors' would do their best to be supportive to make it less stressful for us - yet there is little help this year and I've had a wide number of friends get upset and stressed that they don't know what's happening with one of our assignments and the preparation for out final exam -.-

I have also FINALLY started up my application for the council housing register - I'm just waiting on three months of offical bank statements to hand in with my bloodbank along with photocopies of my passport and Provisional so I can start looking for a place to live. Since spending the evening round my friend Laura's last week, it's got me intrigued into renting a 1 person flat/ apartment - I can't actually wait to move out and have independence from the family. I've been making lists (I LOVE LIST-MAKING!) to get an idea of what I still need to get for when I move out.

Speaking of my friend Laura, I had pretty much one of the best weeks ever last week with a week off work for one, and I got to see two of my current favourite bands live in Norwich - FUN & We Are The In Crowd, on top of seeing Iron Man 3 in iMax at the Odeon cinema. I'll go into more "deets" about my week in the next blog post, so keep an eye out.

Progress is slowly being made with my events company, plenty of planning and throwing ideas at one another with my business partner Luke. I can't wait to get stuck into getting this all set up, have ourr first event set up all ready to go - my friend Stacey's Hen Do - yes that's right, I am "Chief Cock" for the weekend  (: I look forward to seeing how happy my friend will be after the weekend. More updates on the company will be put up in the near future. Already got plans to set up an events blog for the company, so again, keep an eye out on everything. Until then look up this link: - 'Like' and 'Share' on Facebook - I really do appreciate the support given by everyone so far, this will drive us to make this company work!

On a sadder note, I've found out that my good friend Nick is leaving with his Mum to France in the summer :\ It's going to be sad to see him go but thankfully, it won't be forever! So his friends and I, will intend on making sure he has a good send off! (:
Also, no Download festival for me this year :\ unfortunately cannot afford to spend so much money when I need to concentrate on finding a full-time job as well as a place to live, so my summer will be consisting of that - I hope my friend Charley though has an amazing time with whoever she is going with (: Hopefully, I will get to meet up with her before or after the festival, it's always nice catching up with her, and hopefully a potential reunion with one of my oldest friends Chris (a.k.a Frenchy)

Well that will be all for now, hopefully the next blog update will be up by the end of next week.

Take care and have a good rest of of your week