Monday, 24 June 2013

Anglia Ruskin: End of an Era

(Me, Stacey, Luke, "Buzz Killington", James & Bobby revising hard, 2010)

After the Summer Ball saturday night, it finally kicked in - I have finished university. Since then, I've been going through the emotions.

Happy - No more exams/ assignments/ stress
Lost - Out of education into scary reality
Sad - Won't see my amazing friends every week :\
(Josh, Jeanine & Kim, 2012)

For those of you who are friends with me on Facebook, know that I've said this many times but not a day goes by that I'm not thankful for everything you guys and girls have done for me. Through the good times and the bad times, you have been so supportive and have always managed to make me laugh and smile when I didn't feel like it. 
I actually looked forward to going to uni as I felt more happy around you all and you were an inspiration to me in many ways. 
There are many things that I will miss about my time at ARU. One in particular is the nights out. Cambridge nightlife is always vibrant and exciting to experience, starting back from Freshers week 2010 to the Xmas foam party to the end of uni night out last month. Spending nights out with such amazing people (especially when drunk!) always made my time at Uni worth it.
(Source: Me & Andrew at the silent headphone disco - Freshers week 2010)

Freshers fairs were always an exciting part of the university year as students would cut class, meet up with them friends and make a beeline for the Kelsey Kerridge sports centre to have free pizza and loads of freebies. Me and my best friend Luke always made the most of Freshers fair by signing up for everything just to get free alcohol, sweets and free pens! I have a celebrations tin full of pens and highlighters that I've picked up from Freshers fairs. The one downside is getting loads of e-mails from these companies that we weren't interested in.

(Source: Me, Bobby & Stacey at Xmas Foam Party 2010)
 A student cannot go full circle without joining a sport or a society during their university experience. I joined quite alot just to get freebies, but I did go to a couple of them to experience them and I did continue to go to them throughout the three years. Here is a list of sports/ societies I joined and went to in my three years at Anglia Ruskin:
  •  Badminton
  • ARU Rep Society
  • Harry Potter Society
  • ARU Game Jam
(Source: Me with Kim, Becci, Livia, Jeanine & Poppy - End of year 1 celebrations)

Over my three years at University, I have met some amazing people that have been an inspiration to me during my time at Anglia Ruskin. Some people I've met have been an experience (Some weird people go to Cambridge), there have been ones that have just been creepy to work with. But to make friends like these over the past three years...

... Have made it all worth it.

(Source: Me and Luke at the last Freshers Fair of our time at Uni, 2012)
May 18th 2013 marked the final day of university with a looming final exam which was honestly the worst module that I've ever encountered (and that's including that AWFUL accounting module first year), all rushing to cram more revision notes in time for the exam. After the horrendous three hours talking about climate change, we all rendezvous'd at The Bakers across from the university for a well-need pint or glass of wine for the ladies, expressing how annoyed we were at the exam and talking about the Summer Ball, reliving on good times & what the future holds in the summer.

(Source: Marketing Consultancy team)
1st June I went to my first ever & last Summer Ball at the university, everyone seemed frustrated that it was the university this year instead of some manor house they've had over the last couple of years, but in my opinion, they didnt disappoint. Everyone loved the Dodgems and the Bungee run as there were queues for ages for them (Tip: Never do the Bungee run drunk - it will just end in a mess!) Maybe I should never of had them 15 Eristoff Black & Cokes..
I digress back on topic. I got to see some of my mates at the ball - The "Elfreda girls" made a late appearance, Josh, james, Livia, James & Carly. Wsa really nice to spend time with them in the night. I made an appearance at the Roulette table which I effectively BROKE because I kept winning on random numbers and the dealer ran out of chips to give me, think I was at the table for about 45 minutes consistantly winning.
Overall, an amazing night - it was the perfect way to end my tenure at Anglia Ruskin.

(Source: Me and the ARU Student Union President Francesca, Summer Ball 2013)

What does the future hold for me? Well I'm spending the entire summer finding a new job and bidding on places so I can finally move out of the family home. I'm also setting up my own Events company with my friend Luke - TP Events (Aiming to go live by the end of the summer if all of the prep work is completed in time), I'm also organising my friend Stacey's hen do so I'm hoping it's going to give her the perfect send off into married life.
I got all of my third year results last week, and if my calculations are correct from what I've been told how to work out our final grade, I got.......... a 2.2 degree!!!!! (57%) - despite the fact I was in the 2.1 window at the end of semester 1 in January, this semester was the most difficult assignment/ exam wise after an exhausting time finishing our dissertations, I am very pleased with my grade :)
I get to look forward now to graduating in October with my amazing friends.

Keep in touch everyone! Love you all

Troy x

Saturday, 22 June 2013

If I Had 3 Wishes...

My friends suggester I do some random blogs to let my readers get an insight into my line of thinking and a closer look into Me, my thoughts & my life. So this is the first of these types of blog entries, nice and simple one to start off with - "If I had three wishes, what would I use them on?".

Wish #1:
As a gamer, I would wish to have the collection of all the gaming systems that I have owned over the years since my first ever Gameboy colour back in 1999 when the Pokemon phenomenon began - when the hardest choice in any life at that age was which pokemon to start off with, all the way to my latest gaming platform which is the Playstation3, soon to be the PS4 at the end of the year. To have all the games I had owned with each of the following consoles;
  • Game Boy Colour/ Advance
  • Playstation 1/2/3
  • Nintendo 64/ Wii
  • Super Nintendo
  • Sega Megadrive
I would have them displayed in an entertainment unit, similar to the one that I have posted on my Pinterest & Instagram feed (If you haven't seen it, look up Pimbers89 on either)

Wish #2:
Everyone at some point in their life has pictured themselves to be a wellknown superhero or saviour - whether its a Power Ranger or Batman - someone must have imagined them to be superhuman and be seen as a saviour to the ones they care about.
In my life, I have been known to daydream and in my childhood I did always want to be a Power Ranger. I always wondered what it would be like to be superhero - to be able to protect my family and friends from evil. It sounds stupid I know, but if I was to choose a set of powers it would have to be either;
  • Superman - because of the ability to fly and have super strength (that way I can finally beat someone in an arm-wrestle ha!)
  • Goku - I am a fan of the Dragonball series, in particular, Dragonball Z, to have the ability again to fly and have superhuman strength.
I know there's a theme with the choice of superhero powers I would choose but still, its my choice.

Wish #3:
If you know about the wish laws (According to Disney movies, in particular "Aladdin"), you'd know that in tradition, no one can be brought back to life - but what's life without breaking a few rules.
My final wish would be to bring my Nan back to life. Since she passed away in 2009, I haven't really been the same - my confidence and self-belief is always at a low, when I get depressed or upset, I always wish that I could talk to my Nan about all my problems.
I do trust my friends to a point, but I do have trust issues with most of them and I do find it hard to identify who to trust with any secret or confession I want to talk about - with my Nan I never had this problem.
I moved out of my family home in with my Nan after her second heart attack in 2003 and gave her my paper-round money for help with rent & food - help her cook dinner and look after her when she weren't well.
I do miss her & no one in my life will ever come close to her when it comes to trust & love. I just wish I had her back - to hear her laugh, see her smile and as weird as it sounds, I miss the smack around the head with her ring hand.