Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Behind Enemy Lines

Back in February, it was my friend Luke's birthday & I could only think of one thing to get him as he is a Chelsea fan - a stadium tour of Stamford Bridge. After our finals exams were over, we arranged during my week off work to head out to London, we headed out early at Cambridge train station to Kings Cross - unfortunately we got on the long haul train journey which took twice as long to get to London, we did pass the time by predicting next seasons 2013/14 Premier League season table and how the trophies will be divided between teams & played a game of truth, it was good to get to know some new things and it felt good to open up to a friend about Me.
Once we eventually arrived in London, we logically went to find the nearest McDonalds for Lunch before seeking out the Underground to the nearest station towards the Natural History Museum and just happened to walk past the following store;

Lamborghini store
Because we were new to London, we had absolutely NO IDEA how to get to the Natural History Museum from South Kensington underground, we did eventually ask someone that worked at the local Tesco Express but they sent us completely the wrong way and ended up walking past a French school (My directional skills are less than non-existant!).
We did eventually make it to the museum and headed straight for the Dinosaurs - since I was a kid when I first watched Jurassic Park I have had a unique interest in them. We of course then ventured across the Mammals/ Reptiles section.
T-Rex looks hungry!!

We saw so many families go out to the Museum and I am now considering setting up a family trip to the museum again, my 2 little sisters would enjoy it.
After our visit to the NHM, we headed back tot he Underground and find our way to Stamford Bridge;

Stamford Bridge

We arrived an hour early for our booked Museum tour so we went for a walk around the stadium vicinity and we visited the Chelsea supporters shop so Luke could buy all things Chelsea, while I watch Chelsea's season review 2012/13 on the big screen ha.
We signed in for the Museum tour and went upstairs to have a look in the Museum to get that out of the way and saw the transformation of Stamford Bridge and some of their silverware. We then had a goal in the goalscoring room where we had to kick a football in the circles to score points in 1 minute.
As a treat to Luke as it is his birthday present, I bought him a picture opportunity with both the Champions League & Europa league trophies (Just think - Luke has been closer to cup silverware than Arsenal HA!!)

Finally, the stadium tour was underway - I did feel rather out of place as I am a United fan going around Chelsea's stadium - when mentioning what team I supported I did get booed and asked to leave (Awkward!). We were walked aroudn inside the stadium towards the Press room where we all got a chance to sit in the hotseat that many great managers like Ancelotti, Scolari & Mourinho have sat in.

We then headed towards the dressing rooms where my suspicions of Chelsea were completely correct. The away dressing room was very basic, yet the home dressing room was like living a life of luxury. After heading out of the dressing rooms, we were led onto the astroturf section of the pitch as the stadium turf was being re-made in time for the new season ahead.
After the tour, Me & Luke headed for spoons to celebrate a great day (: We then had a LONG wait for a train back to Cambridge after so many trains to Cambs were packed and we wanted a seat. I can happily say that it was a great day & I hope that Luke enjoyed himself. It was nice to have a day out with one of my uni best friends somewhere other than Cambridge so it made a nice change. I do hope at somepoint in the future I can get the chance of seeing an Old Trafford museum tour.