Saturday, 3 August 2013

I don't know about you, but I'm feeling 22!

Before we start, NO this is not about Taylor Swift.
Earlier this year, I was asked by my University best friend Stacey if I could help organise her Hen Do. I was very honoured to do so and accepted it with great positivity... and straight away, organisation-mode kicked in. 


Celebrating in style
Many months of preparation went into making the weekend memorable for the Wiggster. Friday afternoon, we arrived at Norwich train station with a car full of luggage & alcohol for the weekend ahead. When we arrived at the MJB apartments we were kind of shocked that we looked like we were spending the weekend in a shed. The four main hens for the weekend: Stacey (THE Hen), Lisa (Mother of the bride), Imogen (Boat Cuz) & Myself (Chief Cock).
Unfortunately, we couldnt get into our place as we weren't sent our code so we spent half hour outside waiting for someone having a glace of champers discussing what the plan was for the weekend (Without Stacey knowing what her surprise was)

The hen, her hens.....and one voluntary hen!
We did decide against having a stripper after considering it cost too much just for four people (including a guy) we knew we would have fun with or without a stripper this weekend (:
Once we finally got into the apartment/ shed we settled in to our humble abode and were over the moon for the bunk beds although there was hardly anything in the apartment. So the drinking began..
Boat Cousins
As the caption says, we started off with the boat cousins favourite game "On The Boat". Stacey had bought some shooters that fit around her waist so we used them to take shots if we lost the game. I was soon told to join in, and as I hadn't eaten much at all during the day - I got tipsy quite easily. We were soon mixing Messer Schmitt (Tesco's Jagermeister), Cherry sours and Vodka into our shots to make things interesting. And soon, the Hen was on the floor getting quite drunk. We then started playing truth or dare, but the mother of the bride did have to leave for some of them ha. Afte being cooped up inside for ages with the sun still shining, we decided to go out into the city.

Friday late afternoon - Hen already on the floor!
After getting a bite to eat from KFC to help sober us up, we headed to the Waterfront as there was an 80's night occurring. We arrived with our party hats on (or more, cowboy hats) - and it was dead. We treated ourselves to some "Marvel" cocktails - The Hulk & The Iron Man and by george, they were delicious. It soon got humid inside, so we popped out back to chat away.
Drunk & tired Stacey stayed out for a bit longer so I stayed with her and we were talking about the wedding, what the future holds for the soon to be Barnes' & I opened up to her about a bunch of things. We soon rejoined Lisa & Imogen for a dance, before Stacey was too tired to carry on and I went with her to go home at about Midnight.
After all, we had a big day ahead of us on Saturday..

80's night at The Waterfront


Today, Stacey finally found out what her surprise was - we arrived at the Holiday Inn in Norwich for a surprise spa day at the Spirit Health club. Before any treatments started, we had to treat ourselves to an all-you-can-eat buffet breakfast which cost about £11!!
Soon after signing in, we sent Stacey off for her Massage and Facial, while I visit a gym for the first time in years and Lisa & Imogen enjoy the jacuzzi. I soon enjoyed a swim ( I did about 2 lengths.... in about 6 hours :|) I'm not the most gifted of swimmers as I haven't swam since year 5. We were soon joined by a fully relaxed and sleepy Stacey after her treatments and sent her mother and Imogen in next.
Soon after, Stacey's aunt had arrived and we all got into the pool and jacuzzi and chatting away, until it was my time for a treatment. Once all the treatments were done, we went outside the hotel and had drinks in the lovely sunshine and had a sunbath.

Spirit Health Club, Norwich

While waiting for a taxi back to our humble shed/ apartment - we got a phone call from the stripper that we cancelled the previous night saying that he was at the apartment waiting to be let in (All kinds of awkward sauce!) so we waited a while after that to avoid a confrontation with the rejected stripper. An hour later, our taxi eventually turned up and we were glad to see there was no stripper waiting at the door.
As we had returned, we got ready for the big night ahead with more drinking games and pre-drinks. We continued truth or dare, but got everyone involved this time to make it easier on Stacey, bless her.We also introduced a new game that I bought for the weekend "Hen Secrets REVEALED". Basically, had to answer questions on Stacey based on how well we know her, somehow I won beating her cousin, aunty and mum!

Well & truly pampered
For my birthday one year, a friend bought me a miniature vodka bottle with a scorpion ion side, for years I had been saying I will have it but never did it, but this weekend I decided to bring it as a dare with the hen to share the disgusting dare. Imogen had the pincers and head, Stacey had the tail & I had the crunchy middle - safe to say, one of the most disgusting experiences I've ever had in my life. Soon had to drown the taste with shots and Cider.

Scorpion Challenge
Just ate a scorpion!

We headed on our way towards town to grab a bite to eat before we continue drinking, as we ordered some quick food at CHIQUITOS! We were surprised by the arrival of Stacey's work friends from Currys - one in particular, that came with a horse between her legs (No pun!) which was amazing! I was glad to see I weren't the only one with chaps and waistcoat for the Cow-boy themed night out. Stacey was uber-keen to head out to meet her friends at Spoons so we quickly ate our food - while Imogen suffered after drinking alot so early in the evening ha.


We said our goodbyes to Julie before she headed to the train station, as Me and Stacey headed towards spoons to meet up with the Currys crew. As we all got to re-acquainting and exchanging pleasantries, we soon headed off to Revs... then we realised we lost Imogen and Lisa - we soon did find them, they were watching the fireworks for a carnival that was happening that weekend.
The Currys cavalry arrives..

Proud Mum & Proud Boat Cuz

We eventually arrived at Revs - only to discover they gave away our table which we had booked. We had booked a VIP table in which we had a personal bartender so we didnt have to get to the bar, beer bucket, 2 wristbands for the hen and a karaoke machine. We were left outside for about 20 minutes waiting on a table which turned out to be one small square table with 3 or 4 stools around it when there was a dozen of us. We were not happy whatsoever!
Anyway, when we finally got in we started playing a new game - basically we all got 1 dare card each that we scratched off (obviously Stacey got more than us!) and had to go out and complete the dare. We also had lots of fun with bubbles!!!
Tony, Luke & Robyn
The night went on into the early hours of the morning, the drink flowed & the hens partied their cowboy/ cowgirl hats off! As the Curry work crew had to work the next day they left at about 2am. The weekend hens soon decided to leave at about half 2 as we grew tired, and we stumbled home to our shed.


The drawback of having a heavy night of drinking, was the fact that we had to checkout of our shed by 10am -.- Stacey, Imogen and Lisa tidied up the majority of the shed before waking me up rudely with water pistols (I will have my revenge you two!) We headed towards this little cafe called "The Last Brasserie" for a final breakfast talking about plans for the day and about the weekend in total. We soon said goodbyes to Lisa and Imogen as they went off to shop in the city centre, as Stacey took me to the train station before she headed home to sleep off the weekend.

Overall, I think I accomplished what I had to do - embarrass, get drunk, entertain and make one Stacey Wigg a very happy hen (: Despite some setbacks, I was happy to see that Stace was smiling and having a good laugh throughout the entire weekend. She loved her surprise pamper day, I personally enjoyed every minute of it spending time with some quality people & making new friends.

I would like to thank everyone from Currys, Lisa - Imogen and Julie for coming out during the weekend to make the hen weekend that much more special for Stacey.

On a personal note, I could not be happier for Stacey & Cassy. They have the perfect life set up right now - careers are all started, they have their first house, they get married at the end of this month, a honeymoon in a tropical paradise, Stacey graduates with her awesome Uni friends in October and I'm sure they have plenty of exciting future plans in the works. I'm absolutely jealous of them, but at the same time - I don't think there are 2 people that I know that deserve this more than them - both amazing people, and deserve a lifetime of happiness together.
I've known Stacey for 3 years and she has been an absolute pleasure to get to know and be around - she is one of a handful of friends in my life right now that I can trust, she's been there for me during the ups and downs and I've been there for her, I'm so happy for her to find the girl of her dreams, find that amazing job and to graduate alongside her will be an honour. I can happily say she is one of my best friends.

I cannot wait for the big day on the 31st August (: