Monday, 26 August 2013

If I Won The Lottery

Hello fellow bloggers and readers!

This new blog post is another scenario post, similar to 'My celebrity list' and 'If I had 3 wishes' - this new one is.... If I won £100 million on the lottery, what would I do with it?

1. First thing that I would do with the money is to finally earn my full driving license. I did start driving lessons years ago, but because I couldn't afford Terry Taylor's prices, I stopped, since then I haven't been able to afford lessons. I do feel bad that I tend to rely on my friends to drive me around but I do provide them with cash for petrol and parking whenever we drive somewhere because I don't want to be seen as using them.

2. Next thing I intend on spending with my lottery money would be to pay off all of my student debts. Luckily, I'm one of the students that got into University when tuition fees were low until the crappy coalition government decided to turn their backs on students by tripling tuition fees, and they wonder why fewer students are joining further education? Anyway, instead of just waiting until I earn enough salary to start paying it off, I would rather get all of it cleared in on swoop.

I would next definitely buy myself a house. For a while now, I have been yearning for a new place to live because my familydon't allow any privacy and are very controlling. Just need my own space away from them. I would definitely allow my friends to move in with me, it would be amazing to have people around me that I can stand to love with... (Sorry Dersley you don't fit that bill I'm afraid I would have to kill you before you drive us all insane ;) )

The final thing I would do with my money is go to all the places I have previously mentioned in 'Dream Holidays' post. Whether it's by myself or with friends, I do intend to visit all the places on that list by the time I die.

Just one final note, if you haven't got me on Facebook or Twitter - I have finally left my job at Iceland after 6 years and 3 months, I start my new job tomorrow as a Scheduling Co-ordinator of RST. Wish me luck! Thanks for everyone's support (: