Sunday, 22 September 2013

Things to do before I'm 30

Hello bloggers and readers, I apologise for the lack of updates as of late, been reeeeally busy what with going to see one of my best friend's getting married, starting a new job and sorting out some problems this end, I haven't really had the time to do so. I will try now to get one blog entry done every week from now on.
Anywhooo... for this week's blog entry, I am taking an idea that I've seen on another blog by Lauren Cope for '101 things to do in 1500 days', I thought this was a cool idea to do so I started thinking of ideas of what I want to do by the time I turn 30 (Please no jokes to those of you who think I look 35!) So here is my list:


Graduate from University
In a relationship/ Get married
Have a kid
Move out of family home
Create a professional look for first home
Move to Cambridge
Spend new years in London
Pass driving test
Buy first car
Take up new hobbies and interests
Complete Nan's memory journal
Buy organiser/ year diary
Get first tattoo
Photoshoot with friends or girlfriend
Own a dog
Create scrapbooks of my friends
Start saving scheme
Purchase a new professional clothes selection

Career & Events

Find a full-time job in Marketing industry
Look into post-graduate education - Marketing/ Events
Create busines cards for TP Events
Set up website/ email address
Make TP Events an authentic Events company
Aim for 5 events completed
Start budgeting for company
Go to events exhibitions
Start paying off tuition fees


Manchester United membership and see them play
Watch TV shows never watched: Walking Dead, CSI:NY & Game of Thrones.
Go to a Formula 1 race weekend
Make dinner for friends
Go to a recording for a TV show
Buy items for own place
Visit Great Yarmouth
Accomplish 'First's & 'Bucket' lists
Conquer my fear of heights - Charity skydive


Blog alot more - Reviews (Restuarants, Movies, Events, Games)
Reach 10 followers
Guest Writing with friends
30-day blogging challenge
Set up joint Football blog
Attend blogging events


Cut out fatty foods to absolute minimum
1 month vegetarian challenge
Buy a bicycle
Join a gym and stick to it
Take up a sport (6 a side football, badminton)
Learn how to cook
Run in a half-marathon
Learn how to swim
Learn to dance
Buy gym clothes


Go on a Lads/ Friends holiday
Go to centre parcs weekend break
Go to different music festivals (V-fest, Reading)
Go to Winter Wonderland
Visit Ana in Austria
Go to see sights I haven't seen in London (London Dungeons, London Eye)
Visit Alton Towers
See my family in Delaware
Go on annual holidays abroad
Go to Comic Con/ Wizard's world with Luke
Go to Los Angeles
Go to Las Vegas