Sunday, 27 October 2013

Blog Recommendation #2 ~ An Apple A Day

Happy Sunday readers!! Hope you're all enjoying your weekend.
Today, I'm conducting a second blog recommendation for one of many blogs that I follow and enjoy reading. This one is completely different to the first and for all art & design enthusiasts, you will enjoy this particular blog:
This is my friend Chelsea's blog who is currently studying Design Crafts at the University of Brighton provides insight into a wide variety of art that she has conducted in her spare time and academic-wise. It is a very interesting read and I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in Arts & Design to look at different peoples work approach.
Hope you enjoy the read and there will be another blog recommendation at some point next weekend.

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Office inspiration

 Good evening bloggers/ readers!
I have noticed recently on some of the blogs that I follow and read that they have been posting entries based on inspiration they have received on Pinterest for their house/ flat and office - so I thought, why not?
My first intention of 2014 is to move out into my own flat/house or to move in with friends. For my bedroom, if it's spacious, I would love to create an office-like environment with shelves, a professional desk, a whiteboard or corkboard to put lists of things to do for the day/week with photo frames of family and friends and other figures etc to surround the exterior.
After looking through Pinterest, here are a few "templates" of how I would like my office to be like.

This particular one is my favourite set up, it's perfectly spacious and have enough speace for a desk and shelving to store my books, photo frames and a whiteboard. The only thing I would change is the colour - red of course!!

This particular set up looks perfect for a businessman in a freelance role, in particular journalists as well. With sleeves to organise documentation and mail along with, ideal space on the desk to store stationary, a landline, a calendar along the wall & a computer. In my case, if I am to venture into my desired fields of Business - Events and Marketing - this would be great for me.
If I was unable to have an office desk in my bedroom, I would happily locate this in my living area to make it look professional.

Friday, 18 October 2013

Blog Recommendation #1 - The Fishy Way Of Gaming

Good evening bloggers and readers!
This is the first of many types of blog entries I will be doing over the next few weeks. I will be recommending blogs for all of my friends to read. Once a week I will be recommending a blog that I currently follow on Blogger. So enjoy this read -
Enjoy tabletop ganing? A fan of WarHammer 40k? Interested in taking up a new hobby?
Then take a look at my friend Luke's WarHammer blog -

It's a highly popular blog amongst UK WarHammer fanatics. Luke provides updates on matches/ competitions he participates in, he offers tutorials on patience of painting the figurines providing picture aids to show the 'before' and 'after' shots of the figures he has created from scratch.

He has managed to convince me to take part in WarHammer so I'm attempting something new, it's still touch and go whether I go through with it or not, but Luke does make an intriguing argument.Trust me, I won't be playing competitively, I will only play with friends and start a new hobby giving crafts a go with painting and creating 'armies' and 'dinghies' as I like to call them (Much to Luke's dislike!)

So if anyone is interested in taking up a new hobby or enjoy talking all things WarHammer then look no further than to read this blog.


Friday, 11 October 2013

Graduation 2013

Good morning bloggers and readers! For any of you that are friends with me on Facebook or following me on Twitter will know that last week I celebrated the end of my academic career and graduated from Anglia Ruskin University. I somehow managed to achieve a 2.2 overall honours degree in Business Management.
Ever since I got my last exam result, I have been waiting for this day to celebrate graduating with the friends that I have had the pleasure of meeting over the past three years. So here is the account of what happened throughout this momentous occasion.

After taking the early shift at work, I headed on my way to Cambridge to collect my gown - with a quick detour to The Bakers to meet up with the Wiggs/ Barnes clan for a touch of dutch courage before heading over to Kelsey Kerridge. It was good to catch up with the newlyweds soon after getting married and how everyone has been.
After that, we slowly made our way towards Kelsey Kerridge in the cold and rainy conditions, I was half expecting there to be a huge queue to get our gowns but surprisingly we were among the first ones there, so me and my friend Stacey got all gowned up, picture of me in my graduation gown is below:

The first time I looked at myself in the mirror with my graduation gown and hat on, my first thoughts were, "Oh my god! I look like a Hogwarts professor!" After I got my gown on, I went and got my official graduation picture taken, the pictures prices were stupidly expensiv - but what the hell, it will be the one time I get to do this so it was worth it. I also managed to bump into my friends Mark, Jeanine and James whilst there looking at merchandise. I decided to go on a spending spree and pay for a copy of the DVD ceremony, a personalised "class of 2013" hoodie and signed up for the alumni network.

After finally leaving the sports centre - Me, Mark and Stacey headed along Parkers Piece to take more pictures of us in all of our gear and got pictures in the usual graduation position, by the University Arms Hotel even if it was cloudy. My family didn't arrive in Cambridge until the graduation ceremony, so I spent all of the day with Stacey and her family, it was so nice to see her family there to celebrate her accomplishment.

We went for a pre-graduation dinner to help me and Stacey calm the nerves we had as the minutes ticked down. It was a very nice dinner as it always is at Nandos, but it didn't help calm my nerves as I kept looking my watch. Then....
... Mine and Stacey's friend Luke entered Nandos to congratulate us and warn us on what we are to expect (Unfortunately, Luke studied a different course to me & Stacey even though we stuck together the past three years and basically had the same modules we had different ceremony times which indeed sucked!) However, we did manage to get pictures of us three together for the first time in our entire time while at university which we have failed to do.
Me and Stacey eventually head on our way to the Cambridge Corn Exchange to take our seats for the ceremony. The head people of the university and some of our more important lecturers entered the hall and took a seat onstage, then the vice chancellor took a long-looooooooooooong time to sell to the guests of the ceremony that Anglia Ruskin was the place to be.
Eventually we got around to the moment we had all been waiting for - getting announced as graduates. The heart-beat started to race as my row was called up, seeing my friends go up before me I felt so proud of them - when my time came I was really worried that I would fall and embarrass myself in fornt of everyone but I didn't thankfully - I heard a nice "Woo!" from the crowd from my friends and family in the stands. Then.... a moment of drama!
A student decided to take it upon herself to whip out a "ARU sucks banner" out before being carried out by security. Everyone was shocked watching in awe of this - I was hoping that would be kept in the recording on the dvd ha! After everyone had gone up and shaked the vice-chancellor's hand - we were told to stand up and were congratulated on the achievements we had accomplished in the three years we had been at Anglia Ruskin.

After the emotion of graduating, mine and Stacey's families headed to Anglia Ruskin to get our celebratory drinks and more pictures! Unfortunately didn't see any other people at the university - so me and Stacey proceeded with the tradition that is the hat throwing! I managed to get pictures with my family which was a rare occasion to see them for me and congratulating me graduating.



After handing in my gown and saying my goodbyes to the Wigg/ Barnes clan, it finally sunk in - I have graduated! I got a tad emotional knowing the adventure that the last three years have been and realising I couldn't have got to this point without the friends I made along the way:

Livia Dixon
Kimberley Page
Stacey Wigg
Nicola Craft
Luke Townsend
Andrew Panteli
Bobby Kendall
Mark Dovey
Jeanine Delaney
 Poppy Smith
Henry Chan
Josh Parnell
 Stef Haisman
 Carly Gough
 Achintha Srenarath
 James Kelly
 James Teale
Ben Gadd
Leighton Ankin

You guys are so special to me and you have helped alot more than you may have thought - thanks to you all I have become a more confident person in myself and my abilities, I have learnt alot over the highs and lows of the past three years. I have become a much more supportive friend and I have grown up learning from my mistakes, without each and everyone of you - I couldn't achieved what I have done and got to this moment in my life without you.
My academic career for now is at an end, a chapter of my life that I put to a close - a new one begins.. I'm ready for the challenge ahead :)

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Stacey & Cassy's Wedding

Hello Readers!
I told you I would get a blog entry done eventually, it took a while to get the right words for this particular blog, so I hope you enjoy this read. Be sure to share this blog to spread the word :)
So, the 31st August of this year was an important day in the lives of one of my best friends Stacey Wigg and her girlfriend Cassy Barnes as they were getting married!!

I woke up at 7:30 that morning, it was the most perfect weather for a wedding, pure sunshine and lovely cool breeze to balance out the heat. Before me and the rest of the guests got on the travel bus to the venue, we had some pre-drinks and had a catch up with some of the people on Stacey's side of the family and her friends.
Upon arrival, I had never even heard of it so I honestly weren't sure what I was looking out for... until we saw a whole bunch of guests standing outside a gate. It was such a lovely venue with a refurbished barn and a nice setting for the reception included with a large area for everyone to sit and of course, a bar!

Got to see some old friends that I've met at Stacey's 21st as well as Stacey & Cassy's engagement party, and it's always nice to meet some new faces from Cassy's friends and family. Whilst waiting to be let into the ceremony hall, everyone was ducking and diving (in particular Leonie screaming) of all the wasps and bees that were floating around the area.

Bateman Barn, Harleston

After a while, we were eventually let in and were seated awaiting the arrival of the brides. The music played... this young talented singer started playing "It must be love, love, love.." a beautiful rendition of that song, as the flower girls and bridesmaids made their way down the aisle.
Then came Stacey. As I saw her walk down the aisle with her mum, I welled up - she looked amazing in her dress and I couldn't be happier for her that her happy day with Cassy had finally arrived. She was followed shortly by Cassy, who also looked incredible in her dress.
The ceremony was lovely with readings from their loved ones expressing love and how Stacey & Cassy personify love and happiness. With the readings pronounced and the rings placed ont heir fingers, they were finally announced life partners.

After the ceremony, everyone got a chance to take pictures of the new Mrs & Mrs Barnes before proceedings continued. Stacey & Cassy released trained white doves together. Soon after, they released two more white doves to commemorate Stacey's dad who unfortunately couldn't be there for Stacey on her special day.

 It was a beautiful presentation with group pictures and the throwing of the confetti to top it all off. It was time then, for the photographer to get pictures of the brides with their family members. While this happened, I socialised and managed to take some pictures of the guests.
Here's a few selected pictures:

Keiran & Imogen

Stacey & Cassy on the bouncy castle!

Jess, Aaron & Julian
After socialising for a while, we were called altogether again as Stacey and Cassy were about to cut the cake. It was an amazingly presented cake and it was another picture opportunity for them both as they made their first cut into the cake.

We were then led into the reception area for dinner, speeches and chit-chat. It was a lovely set up for the reception with flower centre-pieces and personalised sweets in everyone's champagne glasses. I was placed on Table 8 with mine & Stacey's uni friend Luke and his girlfriend Ana, Stacey's friends Jess, Aaron and Julian, and two of Cassy's friends.

On with the speeches, Stacey's aunt Julie gave a lovely tearful speech providing a couple of funny "Stacey moments", then Cassy's sister Amy provided a very entertaining toast with a twist - she presented a "Mrs & Mrs" game show into it, which was great to watch. We also got treated to seeing some pictures of young Cassy and her many fashion choices over the years, one particular favourite was Cassy rocking the spice girls top! Classic.


After Amy's entertaining speech, Stacey's mum Lisa gave a lovely toast leting everyone know how much of an amazing couple Stacey and Cassy are and how perfect they are for one another. Which then led onto Cassy's dad who gave a lovely speech about his daughter and how happy he was to be including a daughter-in-law into the Barnes family.

After a lovely dinner and more socialising into the early evening at Bateman Barns, it was time to get the party hats on for the wedding party to commence. Starting with the traditional first dance for Stacey & Cassy..

It was an amazing party with everyone getting involved in dancing and having a good time with everyone and around them celebrating Stacey and Cassy's special day. Here's a couple of pictures of the night's festivities:
(Luc, Leonie and Indy)


And finally, a personal message to Stacey and Cassy (if you're reading this) ...
I cannot think of two people more perfect for each other than you two ladies. You both looked simply beautiful in your dresses, such a perfect day with the sun shining and I was so honoured to be a part of your special day to celebrate your happiness. I'm honoured to have gotten to you know you two over the last three years, and I'm so happy that you two have found each other and had a lovely honeymoon away in Mauritius, you two deserve a lifetime of happiness :) x x