Saturday, 26 October 2013

Office inspiration

 Good evening bloggers/ readers!
I have noticed recently on some of the blogs that I follow and read that they have been posting entries based on inspiration they have received on Pinterest for their house/ flat and office - so I thought, why not?
My first intention of 2014 is to move out into my own flat/house or to move in with friends. For my bedroom, if it's spacious, I would love to create an office-like environment with shelves, a professional desk, a whiteboard or corkboard to put lists of things to do for the day/week with photo frames of family and friends and other figures etc to surround the exterior.
After looking through Pinterest, here are a few "templates" of how I would like my office to be like.

This particular one is my favourite set up, it's perfectly spacious and have enough speace for a desk and shelving to store my books, photo frames and a whiteboard. The only thing I would change is the colour - red of course!!

This particular set up looks perfect for a businessman in a freelance role, in particular journalists as well. With sleeves to organise documentation and mail along with, ideal space on the desk to store stationary, a landline, a calendar along the wall & a computer. In my case, if I am to venture into my desired fields of Business - Events and Marketing - this would be great for me.
If I was unable to have an office desk in my bedroom, I would happily locate this in my living area to make it look professional.