Saturday, 2 November 2013

House inspiration

Good afternoon readers!
Is it just me or did October just fly by? Either way, I hope you all enjoyed Halloween and made of most of it with some awesome pumpkin designs that I've seen on Facebook and Twitter and fancy dress ideas. I haven't carved a pumpkin before, but starting next year I will be doing so and hopefully when I move out holding Halloween parties so plenty of creative fancy dress.
Anywhooo I digress, back on with my newest entry.. You may recall last week I posted an entry regarding me moving out and hoping to turn either my bedroom or a separate room for when I move out into an office. This week I have been looking designs for how I would like my first place to look like, I know that I'm not looking until next year now to move out to my own place or in with potentially two of my mates. But here are a few ideas for how I would like my house to look.
Black and Red is definitely a theme for the house I want to live in - not just because they are the colours of Manchester United, but they are my favourite mix of colours. This particular kitchen set-up caught my eye on Facebook from a business called 'Stil Haus Kitchens' and despite the price, it looks modern and a great mix of the two colours.

Living Room
Once again, I took to Pinterest for inspiration about an ideal living room plan. The first thing which is needed is plenty of space, when I move out I will want to have house parties and occasion parties so space will be precious so I can have more come over. I have prettymuch everything I need for a living room e.g. TV, Table, furniture - things I'm searching for in the new year will be storage units for my Books, CD's, DVD's and video games, a rug and an entertainment unit to fit the TV and cable/ Playstaton nearby.

Breakfast Bar
This is the first thing I will want to install if I have a big enough kitchen for a house - a breakfast bar. Obviously in black and red. Enough said with that. 

Photo wall
For anyone that knows me well, I do like to take pictures to capture memories with the friends and family I care about, I have 5 complete photo albums of memories with friends, family, university memories and work friends - I would like to have a wall decorated with pictures and canvas' of family and friends similar to the picture (forget the cat, I'm a dog fan)
I hope you enjoyed this blog entry, if you want to see more of these kinds of blogs, leave a comment.
Enjoy your weekend!