Sunday, 10 November 2013

Next Chapter In My Life Begins....

Good afternoon readers!
This is the first of two blog posts today as I was unable to post this one Saturday because I was busy on call at work. This new blog post is giving you an idea of how things are going in my life right now, I do apologise to any friends of mine that have previously asked to meet up and have had to decline, I hope this gives you an idea of how busy I've been these past few months - But I do want to start meeting up with some school/ college friends for catch ups and keep seeing my current friends because I do miss you all.
As it has been well documented, last month I graduated from Anglia Ruskin University - the proudest moment of my life celebrating acheiving my honours degree with the friends that have helped me get to this stage in time and making me a better person over the past three years.
Since then, I have felt kind of lost as I'm not used to lie-ins and some mornings I still feel like I need to attend classes. I do miss everyone now that they have all scattered back to their hometowns and have proceeded with their careers, I do hope to keep in touch with everyone and see them now and again, I miss education somewhat as it was always a consistant place to see friends and spending time in Cambridge most of the week was amazing!!

After nearly six and a half years at Iceland, I finally managed to find a full-time job. It has been a difficult start to this new career path, first of all because the change from weekly-to-monthly pay which has been a harsh lesson in learning to budget so quickly - and another is that it's in a field in which I've not got much knowledge of.
My position within the company is a Scheduling Co-ordinator which basically means, I schedule engineers for jobs around the UK and Ireland and sometimes, in parts of Europe for a variety of jobs for companies such as Tersco, Toshiba associated companies etc., on a daily basis it can be stressful and it has taken it's toll some days - but I am part of a very supportive team and have made some great friends that are happy to answer any questions I have. I do enjoy the job and I'm getting the hang of it, as I'm on the second weekend being on call by myself so they must have some faith in me.

Like I've said, this new demanding job I have has taken me time to adapt to the  the challenges and I'm starting to get used to it and other challenges along the way in my life. One in particular that I see right now is my main goal in 2014 is: to move out of the family home either by myself or with friends.
I do love my family to bits, but at my age (no jokes!) and not having that much privacy, it's time I make it happen - I have a few friends that are interested and will let me know at the end of the year if they are up for it so we can start planning. I have been buying bits here and there so it's slowly building up and slowly running out of space to put things. So I'm now saving up for a deposit in the future and so I can buy the essentials when I need it.

I am always looking to further my career, whether it's keeping an eye on job sites for starter Marketing jobs to gain experience in my desired field of expertise, and when it comes to comtemplating going back into education to induct into a post-graduate course . I have my three main options to which I would like to do a PG course in which are: Teaching, Marketing and Evnts management. It's just a matter of costs, and whether or not I can get back that kind of motivation for another year of education to acquire a Masters degree. Only time will tell..

I'm genuinely in uncharted territory by embarking on this new chapter in my life post-education - no doubt I will hit some bumps along the road, it's just a matter of how I deal with it and move on. I'm excited to get started with the opportunities that may come my way in the near future.

Okay, I hope you enjoyed this read, please follow and share my blog to your friends. A second blog entry will be addd later today. It will be another "Blog Recommendation" entry so be sure to check back in later this afternoon to have a look.