Saturday, 16 November 2013

Oh You Didn't Know??

Afternoon readers!

This a new blog for you all to read that might interest you. For any of you that dpon't know me that well, I have decided to give you 25 facts about myself that not many people know about me.
Age: 24

Location: Newmarket

Graduate of Anglia Ruskin University - 2.2 Honours Degree in Business Management.

What I want to do: Marketing and Event Management.

25 Facts About Me
1. I was born blonde.

2. My full name is: Troy William Edward Pimbley.

3. I was named after a character on the puppet show "Stingray".

4. My favourite hobby is Scrapbooking.

5. I sang "Spirit in the sky" in a year 8 assembly and at my prom. (Cringe moment)

6. My first dream job was to be a teacher.

7. The first Football match I saw was Ipswich Town vs Port Vale for my friend Tom's birthday in 2000, Ipswich won 3-0.

8. My Nan's last request for me, was to go to University.

9. My biggest celebrity crush is Ashley Tisdale.

10. The first film I ever saw in the cinema was Harry Potter and the Philosophers stone.

11. My first ever gig was in 2007, HelloGoodbye at the Cambridge Corn Exchange with Sarah, Charley, Donna and Chris.

12. My favourite childhood TV show was Rosie & Jim.

13. I suffered with anger issues between 2010 and 2013.

14. My favourite all-time video game is Final Fantasy VII.

15. At the age of 4, I set my teddy bear on fire because it was cold.

16. At the age of 4, I locked my Nan out of the house in her nightie, so she had to walk down to KFC to collect the spare key from my Mum because she couldn't get in.

17. The only thing I've stolen in my life is Woolworths Pick 'n' Mix.

18. My favourite all-time movie is Rocky IV.

19. I set off the fire alarm in the pouring rain in Year 5 with a 50p coin because I was bored.

20. I've had 4 dogs and 5 cats in my lifetime.

21. I've owned 10 video consoles (Playstation 1, 2, 3, *4*, Super Nintendo, Sega Megadrive, Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advance, Nintendo 64, Nintendo Gamecube)

22. I have never watched ET all the way through.

23. The first horror movie I ever watched was Child's Play. I was 5 years old.

24. I have been dumped twice on Valentines day, through an ex's friend, by post-it note, on the phone and by text.

25. The longest (and only) relationship I've had lasted 20 months April '09-Jan '11.

Hope you enjoy this post. You got to know bit more about me, if you wish to know anymore, just ask me a question. Love to get to know more about my friends and make new friends.