Saturday, 28 December 2013

Blog Recommendation #5 ~ The Blonde Ethos

Hello readers!

First off, I hope that everyone enjoyed their Christmas time with loved ones and I hope you go all that you wished for. Now, it's time to look forward to new years and celebrate 2013 with a BANG!

As for the new post, it has been a while since I have posted one of my "Blog Recommendations", so what better time than now. This particular blog is focussed on self-improvement when it comes, fitness, beauty and lifestyle - "The Blonde Ethos". 

"The Blonde Ethos is a lifestyle.
My ethos is to make the best of things & that includes yourself.
I believe that if something if worth doing, it’s worth doing to the best of your ability." 
That opening statement shows how motivated and how much Natalie believes in what she says and the way she lives her life helps. From the content that she has wrote about, it is inspiring and it honestly makes me want to start healthy eaing and start a fitness regime to make me feel better about myself inside and out. Her selection of recipes, look amazing and I've actually tried a couple of them.
Her blog provides alot of wise advise when it comes to fitness, beauty and advice that will help anyone create a healthier lifestyle to make someone feel better with their mind and body. So please check out her blog, it's a breath of fresh air, and with 2014 around the corner and if you're looking to make you feel better about yourself - Follow the Blonde Ethos. Maek the best of everything.
Hope you all enjoyed this edition fo my blog recommendations. In the new year I will be blogging more, so please watch out for more content.
Have a great day everyone.