Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Twenty13: My Year In Review

2013 is over - and now it's time to reflect on whats occurred in my life this past year. I said in my 2012 review last year that 2013 would be a special year - it was that and more! Full of happy memories that I will never forget - made new friends, said a few goodbyes, I feel better as a person and looking onto the future for many reasons. 2014 is already looking like a promising year so lets get started with my top 10 moments of this year.
Top 10 Moments

10. New job
After 6 and a half years of being stuck working in a freezer at Iceland, I was finally given an opportunity at a growing company outsourcing jobs as a Scheduler to our designated engineers for a variety of different companies. Not going to lie, it has been a transitional phase and I have found it difficult to get used to andsettle in with new people and the demands that the job has. But I works with some great people and we have a good laugh. I look forward to this year, to prove to myself and to the team I was the right person for this job.

9.Playstation 4 Arrival
As a true gamer, I have been waiting for this day since Sony announced the new "Next-Gen" console would be released this year. As soon as packaes were available, I placed my deposit - I was so happy to see the huge box on my bed when I got home from work. I absolutely love the PS4! Sony have outdone themselves.
8. Stacey's Hen Do
One day at University,my friend Stacey asked me if I would organise her hen do - I was honoured to do this for her, at first I didn't have a clue what to do but I do enjoy doing research and the surprises I had ins tore for Stace I knew would make her hen do a weekend to remember. Spending the weekend in a shed/ apartment, 80's night at the Waterfront, Spa day, Night out in Norwich. Amazing success and was glad to see one happy hen, drunk and smiling - hopefully she enjoyed her send off into married life.
7. Catch ups with Stacey and Luke
Nearing the end of University, I knew I was running out of time to spend as much time with my two best friends as I possibly could. We all had plans of marriage, full time jobs and moving out of parents houses so whenever we got to spend time with one of another, either the three of us or I got spend a day with them was a pleasure.
Me and Luke always managed to make a day of it whether it was heading to St Neots or doing many things in Cambridge from a day at the leisure park, playing snooker and at Spoons or even gaming.
Me and Stacey enjoyed a day together in Norwich catching up talking about Uni, Wedding and other random stuff, we tried out different drinks like Hooch and Mount Gay Eclipse Rum with Cranberry juice which tasted amazing! I'll never forget them days, and although we are scattered, I know we'll find time to still see one another.
6. Summer Ball 2013
 I always said, I would only go to the Summer Ball in my last year and I was looking forward to. Most people were upset that it was being held at Uni instead of somewhere to different to celebrate the end of University - but luckily enough, it didn't disappoint. Fair ground rides, professional photographer, great music, gambling - seeing my friends all glammed up and looking breathtaking. Perfect send off at the end of Uni.

5. New Years
The last few years, I have been bringing in the new year with close friends, alcohol and having party! That tradition continued this year.
The original plan was to go camping, however it was WAAAAAAY too cold for that, so we stayed in round my friend Nick's house and we got some alcohol, snacks, fireworks and set up New Years playlists on our iPods and partied into the night.
Fireworks were amazing, apart from one moment when one firework decided not to go off until the last second, thinking it was going to come down by us again (Think of the "Arrow Roulette" scene from Grown Ups - that pretty much sums up how it went, without someone getting hurt). Once again, an amazing night, bringing 2014 with a BANG!
4. Gigs
I had an amazing year when it come to seeing bands across the country.
Started off the year, in pure baltic conditions seeing Asking Alexandria live at the O2 Academy in Brixton, I then got to see with 4 days of one another - FUN and We Are The In Crowd (I got to meet WATIC and have Pizza with them! - Tay is even more beautiful in person!!) In May, I was invited to see Muse with support acts Bastille and Dizzee Rascal - Up until that point, I had only heard of one Muse song so after this, I got into their music. Later in the year, I capped my year of gigs off with a return to the O2 Academy to see Imagine Dragons live. 
3. Stacey & Cassy's Wedding
Everything was perfect one hot summers day in August and for good reason - August 31st was the day my friend Stacey and her fiancee Cassy got married.
On the outskirts of Norwich was a lovely refurbished farm into a vintage church which was the perfect set up for the lovely couple's wedding, in the ceremony as we awaited the brides, the singer played a lovely song as the bridesmaids and flower girls came down - then Stacey came down with mum in hand, she looked breathtaking in her dress and was then followed in by Cassy who looked amazing in her dress too. Everyone could not stop smiling from ear-to-ear for the happy couple.
After the ceremony, they released doves in honour of Stacey's dad who could be at the ceremony as well as showing a symbol of their love. The reception was a lot of fun, everyone bonding and having a laugh with the speeches, Stacey and Cassy played Mrs & Mrs and enjoyed heartfelt speeches from everyone. The lovely newly-weds shared a first dance and their gustes partied and danced into the early hours of the morning.
The perfect day - for the perfect couple. I will never forget that day, so happy for the both of them.

2. Final year at Anglia Ruskin
All of the exams, all of the revision, all of the stress, the anguish, the FIFA... wait what?! I didn't mean that haha - It all boiled down to the final 6 months of University - with final assignments looming, the final exam and on top of that, a soul-destroying dissertation - the deck was stacked against us all in the final year. Despite all of that, I loved every single moment of it, every night out, meet up with friends to help one another with the assignments - we all worked together as one like true friends do and we passed the finish line with amazing results.
I cannot thank all of the friends that I have made over the past three years enough for what they have done for me, which made my number one choice that much more special...
1. Graduation 2013
 A huge chapter in my officially ended on October 3rd of this year, as I graduated with a lower second class honours degree from Anglia Ruskin, sharing the stage at the Cambridge Corn Exchange with the friends I have made over the past three years was a true honour as they have helped me become a better person and have brought so many memories that I will never forget.
Despite the weather not being so great, it could not dampen the nervousness of walking across the stage to be congratulated by the vice chancellor of the University without thinking you may, at some point, fall over. Getting the gowns and buying merchandise somehow seemed to add to the nerves and couldn't eat much for the day. Seeing all my friends int heir gowns with happy families around them made mes o proud of them.
A chapter of my life is over - my time in education has come to an end, had some bad times and more importantly, had plenty more good times - meeting amazing people and learning so many lessons along the way.

Top 10 Movies

10. Grown Ups 2

9. This Is The End

8. Wreck-It Ralph

7. Carrie

6. Star Trek: Into Darkness

5. The Lone Ranger

4. Despicable Me 2

3. The World's End

2. Gravity

1. Iron Man 3

Top 10 Songs

10. Lawson - Juliet

9. Avril Lavigne - Here's To Never Growing Up

8. Owl City - When Can I See You Again

7. Imagine Dragons - Radioactive

6. Katy Perry - Roar

5. Fall Out Boy - Young Volcanoes

4. Robin Thicke - Blurred Lines

3. Muse - Panic Station

2. We Are The In Crowd - The Best thing (That Never Happened To You)

1. The 1975 - Chocolate

What is expected n 2014

Moving out

New experiences

TP Events

Turning 25...

Gigs (Fall Out Boy, McBusted, All Time Low, Lee Evans)