Monday, 28 December 2015

2015: Year in Review

Hello readers!

First of all, just want to say that I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and got all that you wished for & were thoroughly spoilt.
With Christmas now out of the way, New Years will soon be upon us & 2016 will begin. Not going to lie, like any year it's been an up and down year for yours truly but I'm here to dwell on the positives on a very busy for me.
This blog post will include my top 10 moments of the year, along with the 10 movies I have seen that have been released this year & the top 10 songs that have been released this year.

Hope you enjoy!

Top Moments of 2015;

10 - RAFSTA Social
Definitely felt out of my depth with this weekend away. I was invited by an old friend (That will be mentioned later in the post) to a weekend away in Digby on the outskirts of Lincoln for a weekend of drinking & "Geekery" as she liked to put it.
Little did I know that it would be so much more than that. Meeting people I had never met, amongst geeks and nerds far beyond me - safe to say I was out of my depth like I said, & out of my comfort zone.
Got to meet my friends uncle, will never forget that first impression, "Hello I'm Scott & I have a Shotgun..." I'm glad I was wearing black jeans for that introduction!
First night was just getting to know everyone and drink ourselves merry with cheap prices.
Next morning, we attended a meeting discussing all kinds of stuff that I was not aware of, playing a murder mystery game....whilst drinking from about Midday! We then had a barbecue and got ready for the nights festivities which included a Sci-Fi quiz & auction to raise money for a charity of their groups choice. It was a very enjoyable night that ended up with me being very drunk & doing Karaoke until about 3 in the morning.
On the Sunday morning, I headed to the sports club to say goodbyes to everyone, only to find out my friend had stayed up all night drinking - safe to say, they were feeling a little tender.

9 - C2O Night Out
Now this night out was brief in memory because I was THAT drunk.
The plan was to have pre drinks, have a meal at Wildwoods & have a few drinks in town... to be fair it was that, just a lot more drama and alot more drinks.
We started off with Beer Pong in the empty room of where we work, as I don't drink Beer, I decided to bring along JD Honey to feel more involved... BIG MISTAKE.
This is where it all gets very hazy, apparently I made it to Wildwoods and ate, we then went to a local pub on the high street and ended up in Unique.
How I got home I had no idea but from what I hear, I was hilarious to watch drunk & it was a good night all in all..

8 - Cambridge United Matchdays
In the new season, I decided I would attend more football matches at my local team: Cambridge United - I invested in a season ticket to see all 23 home league games at the Abbey Stadium.
Watching League 2 football has been very exciting, not with all of the skills and money makers of the Premier League & top tier football leagues, but the quality of football is there and the atmosphere is phenomenal to be amongst such passionate football fans in an enthralling battle in League 2.
I have gone with my friends Luke & James to games in Cambridge and have experience victory and defeat at the Abbey, but the match day experiences have been amazing to be a part of.

7 - Trip to Felixstowe
The day started out like any other Sunday, the plan was with my friend James and his girlfriend Laura to a Toby's Carvery alongwith a few other friends to experience their sunday roast for the first time.
Afterwards, as it was such a lovely, sunny day - we made a spontaneous decision to head along to Felixstowe beach for the rest of the day to soak up the sunshine.
It started off, slowly walking along the beach enjoying the sights and sounds of the beachfront. Me, James & Laura ended up playing crazy golf which brought alot of laughs and funny moments to our day. 
We treated ourselves to a trip to the amusements, Laura being very organised bought along all her change to put into the machines as she was very much addicted to them, me and James on the other hand wasted our time on the simulator like kids haha!
I sat along the sandy beach as James & Laura walked hand in hand being all soppy and cute together, could not help but crack a smile at them.
Near the end of the day, we treated ourselves to mandatory donuts & sweets at the beach before heading very tired and drained from a long and enjoyable day.

6 - Getting Inked!
After saying it for so long, I finally had my first tattoo done. 
Safe to say, I was very nervous not knowing how the needle would feel and if I could take the pain - but once it started, it was absolutely fine and enjoyed it.

I enjoyed getting it so much, I'm looking forward to the next one to be done. Hopefully something to look forward to in 2016.

5 - All Time Low/ You Me A Six @ The O2

4 - My 26th Birthday
Safe to say, this was one of my more messy weekends in my lifetime. On my birthday, I enjoyed time with friends, watching The Martian at the cinema, and a meal out with close friends which was very lovely and I got very spoilt by my friends which is very rare for me to treated that way.
Now - the Saturday, it started off originally with plans of Foot Golf in Milton with friends, but of course, someone decided to change all that and endanger my liver - dressing me up like a luminous traffic light and having to drink the whole course round. At the start of every hole and of course, a free shot before it all kicked off by the Milton team. Safe to say, with no food inside me - it did not make things any better, 3/4 of the way round - I finally threw up after having a mixture of different shots both nice and naughty, there was even a time I was trolled into kicking the ball when it had been moved and fell down a slight hill.
I was then brought home to a have a strategic nap to recover before the nights festivities. 
Safe to say, I did not recover from there, continuing to have drinks and many more shots into the night - not remembering much apart from little bits here and there, Surprisingly - no hangover though which was a shock to me.
One of my better birthday weekends out, can't thank those who came out and celebrated it with me enough to make it that much fun. 

3 - Imagine Dragons @ The O2

2 - Turkey Holiday
My first holiday in over 6 years. 4 friends, 1 deluxe hotel room, 30 degree heat, all inclusive, drinks, sea - absolute perfection.
Here are a few pictures from that week away;

Amazing holiday, I would be more than happy to go back there again one day.

1 - The Return of the Hobbit...

Sarah Louise Gladwell aka Hobbit, Tink, Nerd Queen, Smug-ette, Baggins, Muggins.
I have seen Sarah once in the past 6 years and that was for lunch for a couple of hours in Cambridge. When I heard the news that one of my oldest friends, one of the very few people in this world that I trust was returning to Newmarket to stay, was music to my ears and I was very excited to see one of my best friends again.
After talking to her over Facebook and Twitter, I realised she was very low in confidence and not been out much socially - losing touch with her friends everywhere, basically not being able to enjoy life as much as she did, so I made a promise to her - that I would do the following;

  • Find her a job.
  • Get her positivity and confidence back up to a high.
  • Give her a social life and make new friends.
  • Movie marathons/ Gaming days.
  • Make her happier than she has ever been.
That and so much more;
First day she came back, I was shaking with excitement to see her.... 3 hours later, she eventually found my flat after getting lost somehow *sigh*, we had a few drinks round an old school friends house, watching Muse at the BBC Radio 1 Big Weekend.
From there, she had her first night out on the town she enjoyed herself and brought a smile to her face that I have never been able to forget since that night.
Week after week, month after month, I could see the improvements in her - she was beginning to believe in herself a lot more and she was a lot happier, the plan was working.
At one time, I believed we could be something more - we spent so much time together and safe to say, I fell for her badly & for the first time in around 5 years - I had fallen in love. At one time, I went over zealous with excitement at the possibility that there might be a slight chance of happiness, that someone would like me just as much as I liked them - but it got the best of me & I ended up heart broken at something that never was, nor ever will happen. There were many days and memories I spent with her that I will never forget, they meant the world to me and still do and always will. In my eyes, she will always be perfect - she will always be my favourite "What If".
Sadly, I am never that lucky and it just wasn't meant to be with Sarah.
As much as it hurt excruciatingly and to be honest, it still does - my mind is still in that stage where, if I was ever going to be happy again - it would be with her, but love cannot be a one way street. I'm glad I have not lost her as a best friend, I will never stop being there for her & I still have a job to do; to make sure she ends up happy with a lucky guy and that she lives the life she has always wanted - with no one to mess it up for her.
Maybe one day, if I'm lucky, she could feel that way or someone will. 
But through it all - it has been the best 5 months of this year to have her back in my life. 

Overall, there's not a bad thing I could ever say to or about Sarah, she's one of the most trustworthy people I know - and I hope she knows that I will never do her wrong & that there is nothing I will not do for her - day, night, early hours of the morning - I will be there for through everything.
If anyone deserves happiness in her life - it's her. 
Here's a few pics of me & Sarah: 

I look forward to what 2016 has in store for Sarah, and for me.

Top 10 Movies;

10 - Max

9 - Furious 7

8 - San Andreas

7 - Ant Man

6 - Paper Towns

5 - Jurassic World

4 - The Martian

3 - Avengers II: Age of Ultron

2 - Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part II

1 - Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Top 10 Songs;

10 - Omi ~ Cheerleader

9 - Charlie Puth Feat. Meghan Trainor ~ Marvin Gaye

8 - Simple Plan! ~ Boom

7 - All Time Low ~ Bottle & A Beat

6 - Rihanna Feat. Paul McCartney & Kanye West - Four Five Seconds

5 - Bring Me The Horizon ~ Throne.

4 - Panic At The Disco ~ Emperors New Clothes

3 - Bruno Mars ~ Uptown Funk

2 - Muse ~ Psycho

1 - Walk The Moon ~ Shut Up & Dance

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, in the next few days I will be getting a new entry out in 2 parts - explaining an idea I have, as well as laying out plans I have in store for the year ahead.

Here is to an alright 2015, and let's hope that 2016 will be even better.

Have a great day,