Monday, 20 June 2016

I'm so bad at this! [Update]

Hello again!

It's been a little while since I last posted on here, it's been mad in the life of Troy the last few months. Which is why I chose to give you a mini-update on what's happening with me :)

First off, the main reason why I haven't been on here is because.... I HAVE A NEW JOB!!!! (Yay me!) I'm finally in a job that is putting my Business Degree to good use. I'm enjoying the team, the positive atmosphere, always being kept busy & we always plan out nights out whether it's just a meal & drinks or a night at the Races! 

As for my social life, I've been going out a helluva lot over the last few months, you can decide whether it's because I am easily swayed by my friends or I just can't pass up a night out these days. Meeting new people always& there's a never a dull moment with my group of friends.

As it's the "first day of summer", I've got plans in motion to make it one to remember - going to many places, visiting cities I've not been before, reuniting with old friends & just enjoying myself with those that enjoy spending time with me :) plans such as; 
- Old Trafford Stadium Tour
- Friends Weddings
- School/ College Reunions
- Harry Potter Studio Tour
- Seeing Panic @ The Disco, Against The Current & Bring Me The Horizon Live!
- Watching a live Wrestling event!
- Seeing England play at Wembley!

This summer is going to be massive!

Now for future content on this blog, I still have all the ideas I had previously & I will make sure that I will post as regularly as I can.
The next post is something I need to get off my chest so stay tuned for that...